Sunday, October 13, 2013

You know bougainvillea fascinates me.  The flower is the tiny white part, the pink petals are actually leaves.  They have thorns too.  In the Florida Keys there is a hedge of them in all colors.  It is just beautiful.

I won a buck and a half yesterday at canasta.  The game was just okay though.  Not my favorite.  As I was going to the club I passed the pool and my friends were there and asked me why I was not swimming.  I would have much rather been in the pool.

It's official.  Two weeks to cruise day.  Since it's an eight day cruise and I will be by myself I am debating how light to pack.  I know how to really pack light but I may take a bit more this time.  Why not?  

So today is once again lunch with the duck and grocery shopping.  He calls it "our time" and I think that's sweet.  He's a good son and I am very lucky.  Both of my children are so good to me.  

That's about it from paradise for today y'all.  Make it a great day.  I will too!


  1. On my 9 night cruise I packed a carry-on bag and still did not wear half of what I brought. The older I get, the less I need or want.

    Of course, less stuff definitely seems to be more expensive. Of course, it is. bahahahaha!

    Have a fabulous day with the duck! big hugs xoxo

  2. I used to way overpack! I mean if I owned 12 shades of pink lipstick, you could bet they were all going with me. Oy! Stopped that years ago..
    Love the flowers in the vase from yesterday - such lovely colors.
    Have a great day with the duck!

  3. Good morning Bee. Good to see that you are back to your winning ways.Ha,ha,ha. Cruising,cruising, cruising. It's that time again and I'm getting excited. My mom's not during well. I'm not sure how much longer she will be with us. We are prepared for whatever takes place.
    Have a tremendous day my beautiful friend and say hi to the Duck.


  4. Unfortunately packing light is a foreign concept to me. I always say I will do it, but it never happens. When I was younger I could get by with a small carry on bag, but the older I get, the more stuff I take with me on vacation. Spoiled I guess.

  5. Bee, So glad you have a day with Duck that is just for you both. He is a good kid. Don't spend all your winnings. Pack basics and take lots of scarves. I sure will never pack as much as I used to for trips. Black/ white wardrobe and colorful scarves, some costume jewelry. Can't take your good stuff anywhere. :):) Enjoy your day. xoxo,Susie

  6. I'm guessing that Saturday game is going to go away in the near future. When you'd rather be at the poll then you should be at the pool.

    Two weeks until your cruise. I'm going with you again. Perhaps there will be someone to stalk.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs to you and a big hello to Roche. :)

  7. We had to pack more than usual because of the wedding before the cruise, but packing light is the way we go, too. I needed my coat yesterday in Portland.

    Miss these lovely FL flowers, but will be seeing them after Christmas. And you!

    Big hugs to you and the duck, honey...

  8. Enjoy Sunday with the Duck!
    Pack whatever you want to, might as well unless there is an advantage to packing light.
    Bougainvillea are gorgeous when in full bloom!

  9. Everyone should have "our time" with their babies. :-)
    That's so sweet!

  10. I've never experienced a bougainvillea in real life. I would so love to see one in full bloom. The one time I went to California I wasn't able to really take in gardens and flowers like I would have loved to. I think it is funny when I come across something that isn't what it looks like like how many flowers aren't flowers but leaves.

  11. I love bougainvilleas! But they definitely have thorns Ouch. I wish that I was packing for a cruise!

  12. Bee, what a nice life you have! Take whatever you want on the cruise. Who cares if you don't have to wash it when you get back because you never wore it? Just make sure to take enough for the casino!

  13. I didn't realise that the pink part of the bougainvillea were leaves! How exciting another cruise!


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