Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well this one I did take yesterday.  It was so nice out there.  I listened to music, read, and swam for an hour.  I was there almost three hours total but was in the shade most of it.

So I was watching Dr. Oz (I know, I know) and he had a guest saying how to lose weight.  She said she can never have a cupcake or carbs again.  

I don't think this is realistic and I think I am proof of that.  I eat cake.  Occasionally.  And not a lot.  But yes, I eat cake.  Perhaps I would lose faster if I didn't but I don't think I could spend the rest of my life not eating something I love.  Nor do I want to.  (Y'all.)  So the answer realistically is moderation and exercise and eating mostly healthy foods and (much) less unhealthy foods.

Lifestyle changes worked for me.  I don't like to be hungry and I do like a lot of food on my plate.  I use a smaller plate and have (usually) 1/2 vegetable, 1/4 starch, 1/4 protein.  Very little fat and only healthy fat (olive oil, coconut oil, smart balance).

Even thought I am losing (really) slowly now my shape is changing.  

Okay I was asked a couple of questions yesterday.  What fruit do I like for the "ice cream" I make in the Vitamix.  Strawberry is my favorite and peach is my next favorite.  I do not like the mix with banana as I think the texture is "ookie" and the mixed berry has too many seeds.  The Vitamix will grind them up but I stop earlier because I like little bits of fruit in it, not totally smooth.

Next I was asked about a Halloween costume for the cruise.  YES.  I have the perfect one.  Stay tuned... I will post photos here and on facebook.  We are having a costume contest.  Roche' thinks he'll win but I don't know, I love mine too.

Then finally last night I won $156.00 at poker.  Yee Haw!

Have a great Wednesday.  I sure will too.


  1. I will never give up cake or chocolate! Who would want to live if you couldn't have a small treat. I have lost over 30 pounds and never gave up either one!

  2. I can't believe Dr. Oz would let that person get by with saying NO MORE anything! That's rediculous and non-sustainable. Anything and everything is fine... in moderation. I have wine almost every day. And chocolate, too. 4 perfect Hershey's Kisses! 88 calories. I can't ever give either one of them up as they are my stress supressors. WAY better than panic attacks.

    I went a little nuts while Tina was here and I gained 2 pounds, which are nearly gone again since I'm right back to my sensible eating plan. Treats are totally fine, as long as they aren't the norm... like they use to be. ;)

    WTG on your poker winnings!

    Have another fabulous day! Somebody has got to do it and it may as well be you!!! big hugs xoxo

  3. Thinking about the lady on Oz... maybe she just knows herself well enough to know she cannot allow herself one cupcake, because it will lead to 3 or 4. I know training the brain is hard to do, and once you stop, it's even HARDER to re-do. Just a thought. Maybe she meant it that way. Everyone knows only what's best for themselves. To each their own, I say.

    And really though, I have no room to say. I have fallen so far off the wagon, I can't even see it's taillights anymore. :(

  4. You're right Bee, the best way to lose weight is to still have the things you love, because otherwise you will crave them, but in moderation. Very sensible! Wow great win at Poker and I can't wait to see your Halloween costume!

  5. Bee, Hot dog...big win. I know you had a blast at the pool are tormenting me with your temperatures. LOL...You came by to comment on that and see my snow. :):) Now if only that would be our last snow till Jan. Have fun today girl. xoxo,Susie

  6. Cruising, cruising, cruising my poker loving friend. Way to go Bee. Are you going on the Halloween cruise? Spooky time in the dark on the ship. Sounds like fun. To me it sounds like that lady on Dr. Oz's show may be losing weight but is not enjoying life. Eating is part of life's enjoyment as well as having food to sustain you. I believe in your way Bee. It's been working for now as long as you believe in it and continue it as a life long commitment.
    I can't wait until you show us your costume as well as Roche's. I know what Roche's will be, a rock.Nobody would him. Ha,ha,ha See you my gorgeous friend.


  7. I agree with your assessment about eating. I cannot imagine never having pasta again. I'll have pasta now and then and that makes me happy. It's all about what you do the most, not what you do now and then. I agree.

    Way to go on the win last night. Way to go.

    Can't wait to see what outfits both of you will wear for Halloween. How fun.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs to you and my best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. Just a suggestion for use with your Vitamix. I get those frozen cherries in Publix and add only 5 to my strawberry "ice cream" and it gives it an added sweetness, it is subtle but nice. You might like it too.

  9. $156? That paid a good portion of one day of your cruise... Woo hoo!

  10. Woot on that poker win! Costume. Hey hey hey. Can't wait to see that.

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. Of the many, many failed diets I have tried, they all had some forbidden type of food that I could never eat again. I would stick with it for a while, then give up because I could not accept never having "X" again. In the last 15 months I have lost 96 pounds by counting calories on My Fitness Pal. Nothing is "forbidden" as long as I don't go over my daily calories. Or course I did not lose this weight by eating 1,200 calories of cake and ice cream every day. But if I want a piece of cake, I eat it and count those calories on that day. Knowing that I CAN sometimes have a particular food or treat keeps me from feeling deprived and depressed. Always before I was thinking about all the food the diet forbid me to eat. Now I know that it is okay to sometimes have a less healthy snack, as long as I write it down and get back on track the next day. Wish I had figured this out years ago.


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