Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yesterday the dental appointment went well, it did not hurt one tiny bit.  Why do I hate to go?  I have no idea.

I had the pool to myself again since all my friends that swim were still having their new year.  I'm not sure what they do but I have not seen any of them.  I feel dumb asking so I don't.

I bought a backgammon set since I now have someone that will teach me to play.  I have always wanted to learn but never knew anyone that played before.  Now we'll see if I like it or not.

D#1 will be here again shortly for her checkup.  It's been six weeks and she is doing really great.  I'm sure he will release her now.  

I used the Wen on my hair and so far I love it.  I watched videos on how to use it and it takes about five minutes to wash your hair and you use a LOT of product but my hair is shiny and soft and very clean for no lather at all.  I'll use it for a month and let you know if I still like it.  That's how much stuff I bought, a month's worth.

Have a lovely Saturday y'all.  You know I will too.


  1. Wow! 6 weeks already? Where does the time go? srsly. Glad she's doing so well! And that you get to visit with her again!

    My sister had surgery on the 5th. She's still having a lot of pain but hopefully will feel just a bit better today, and more still tomorrow. And maybe home by her birthday on Monday. Fingers crossed.

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  2. Like Barb - where did the time go? Just glad this is all in her past and she's relatively pain free! Big yay for that!
    I've seen the Wen stuff - waiting to see what you have to say after you've used for a while...
    Happy day after Friday!

  3. Bee, used to love backgammon, haven't played in years. Oh how I would love a hair product that would make me have thicker hair. I hate how thin my hair is on top of my head. Have a great day sweet Bee.



  4. Bee, I find it hard to believe it's been 6 weeks since your daughter had surgery. Good news about her healing. I'd like to learn backgammon too. I have always wanted to play bridge. I don't know either of these. Bee, I used to say..I take a shower, scrub, wash my hair , shave my legs, get out and dry off and put lotion and oils on, and powder,deorderant, mousse my hair, set it, comb it, spray it. Put on make-up.....Why did I take a shower???LOL You seem to have healthy hair, so you'll know if you like that product well enough after a month. xoxo,Susie

  5. Bee with Wen I have noticed considerably less loss of hair when I blow dry it out. Also find my color stays better between appt times. I love how soft it makes my hair. I don't know if you got a series of products or just the Wen "shampoo" but he has some other products that act very nicely too. I love the Wen and I'm so shocked that I do.
    Glad you D#1 is doing so well!

  6. Yesterday was a bad day for more. After getting home the nursing home called to tell me that mom had fallen again, the 6th time. Talking with these people doesn't give me belief in what's going on in this place. After we got home MaryLou informed me once again that mom has lost more clothes. She's only been there for about 2 months and she's fallen to many times and her clothes are disappearing. Their comments, it happens. I'm feeling very sick myself with all these problems. I'm going nuts. I'm glad that I can say these things with you. It seems to ease me for a while. Got to go now. Good to hear about D#1. See you.


    Sorry to rant so much about my problems.

  7. I'm happy you had the pool all to yourself. It's nice when the entire thing is yours all yours.

    I'll wait to see about your hair. If it's easy and your hair looks great then that's all that counts.

    Poor Paul. My dad had these issues. They will steal her blind. We had to put dads name on all his clothes so he's have them. Still some disappeared. It's a shame. The falling down part? That shouldn't be happening.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  8. So glad D#1 is doing so well. You were a good caregiver.

    Big hugs, honey..,


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