Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This photo was from Saturday when the sun was out and lovely.  This week we are getting more rain.  Yesterday I got my flu shot and then got in the pool before the rain started so that was good. 

Tonight is our poker dinner before the game.  I am making the salad.  I got tons of great stuff to put in it at the fruit stand Sunday.  Salad for eleven?  I have it!  We're having pizza too.  I have to save up my calories for that.  No worries, I'll be fine.

I have thirteen more pounds to lose.  It will be slow.  Very slow.  But as long as I go down and not up I am happy.  I have experimented with different creams for loose skin and wrinkles and my routine is now Aveeno positively ageless on skin twice a day, ROC Retinol night cream at night with Oil of Olay over that to moisturize.  I use SPF 70 sunblock but tan anyway.  Oh, and Wen on my hair.  I love it, just love it.

I spoke to Paul's wife Mary Lou last night again to check on him.  The good thing is that it was not a stroke but his balance is still not good.  Since he got on the Bee Bandwagon and lost all that weight it may be the meds being too strong for him now.  That's the thought anyway and it makes sense.  Prayers are appreciated though and he likes to see the comments.

Carnival now has cruises for single cruisers.  I mean usually you have to pay for at least two in a cabin whether there are that many or not.  For my cruise next month I had to pay double.  Well soon I will be able to cruise without paying twice.  As far as I know they are the only ones doing this.  I do know NCL has tiny rooms for singles (8'x10').  Carnival's will be regular cabins.  Yay!

So that's all I have in my brain today y'all.  Make your Tuesday totally tits.  I will too!


  1. YAY for solo rate! I had to pay double several times as it is much harder than you would think to find a cruise buddy. *sigh* The solo rate is only for inside cabins and ocean views. I just don't know about going back to a cabin without a balcony though... Balconies are so much awesome and SO relaxing. But I could cruise more often for less $$. We shall see.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Paul's meds are too strong now after losing weight. Hi, Paul! Hope you're feeling better!

    I have 3 pounds more to lose and I'll be halfway to my goal. Slow and steady. My doctor says that is THE best way to lose anyway. Sensible choices that are sustainable long term. I wish I had a pool. And a condo with a club. And a doorman. ;)

    Have a fabulous day! And some sunshines! big hugs xoxo

  2. That is probably the problem with Paul on the meds. Hopefully he will be well soon! He has more cruising to do! And speaking of, kudos to Carnival for the solo rate.

    Big hugs, honey...

  3. Bee, Get a photo of that big salad. Thanks for telling us what you use on your skin. I think you look great. So glad to read that Paul did not have a stroke. He must be losing weight if his meds seem stronger. That is good news. That is also good news on the cruise lines. Hope your day is wonderful. xoxo,Susie

  4. I think you are probably right about Paul's medication. That's something they need to look at for sure.

    I love your pool. I'm not a pool person, but it's an inviting pool.

    A nice big salad sounds awesome. I'll bet it's good too.

    Have yourself a terrific day honey and win at poker tonight. Yes Roche can sit in my lap...bling and all. Big hugs. ☺

  5. Buongiorno!
    I appreciate your salad!

    My thoughts for paul...I'm so worried!

    Big hugs, honey...have fun tonight!

  6. I'm glad to hear that Paul is doing better. Especially glad it's not permanent damage. I hope they stabilize his meds.

    Those thirteen pounds will be tough, but so rewarding then they fall off. If anyone can do it, I know you can!

  7. My blood pressure has gone down since I lost my 30 pounds and I get quite dizzy when I stand and sometimes feel like I am falling to the side. That may very well be Paul's problem. I had to change my HBP meds.


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