Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guess where I'll be today while waiting for D#1 to arrive?  Bet you can't guess?  It's almost October and it's getting a tiny bit cooler but the pool is still great.  They haven't turned the heater on yet though.  Fortunately for me the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) is now on the board of directors so it'll happen!

I have been trying to think up some new bee bandwagon recipes.  I eat the same things over and over and they are lovely and delicious and healthy but I need some food excitement.  I now have thirteen more pounds to lose so I want to stay around 1200 calories a day (net calories, after exercise calories are used).

Do you have Apple TV?  If so, did you know you can make your Ipad or Mac operate it?  I am using it for lots of stuff now, especially music.  The more I play with it the more I love it.  I love playing music and seeing my photos on it too in HD 55".  Tits for sure.  One thing though, it makes you delete photos you don't want to see!

I haven't talked to Mary Lou since I last told you but will call and update you on Paul.  He's going to be fine.  He has to be!

Have a lovely Thursday!  I know I will!


  1. No Apple TV here. I have Amazon Prime. It does the same thing as Apple TV and Netflix combined... only I get free 2nd day air shipping on nearly all of my orders! Even my headboard! Of course, I don't watch all that much TV anyway.

    And I don't have a pool, with a mayor, self-appointed or otherwise. Bugger.

    Oh, it's D#! day! Hooray! I know you two gals will have a blast! big hugs xoxo

  2. The excitement is building!

    Sending hugs times two, honey...

  3. I have a new affinity for Avocados, do you like them? Can you do some recipes with them?! :)

    I was very bad yesterday at the annual trip to the county fair. I tried really hard to make wise choices, but also didn't want to be the party stiff, if that makes sense. Instead of a whole pumpkin roll, I got just one slice and shared with Megan. I had a Bison burger for lunch! But I did treat myself ot chocolate covered strawberries and shared with Megan again. And of course a funnel cake, NO sugar, but topped with strawberry. I dare not count the day! Ugh!!!

  4. Bee, I recognize those well kept toes.:):) I know you will come up with some nice recipes soon. Just rework some old things you used to eat...that maybe were not so healthy. Good news about seeing your daughter. Have fun. xoxo,Susie

  5. No Apple TV here. You need to watch something to put out the money to buy one. We just don't do TV much here. Nothing worth watching in our opinion.

    I know you'll be at the pool. It's your pool and it should be the proper temperature.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from chilly California. ☺

  6. Hugs to Paul. Hope he's doing better!

    Yay for your visit with D#1!!!!

  7. Have you tried succotash? I know funny suggestion, It is our end of the season delight. We expand the usual recipe of corn, shell beans and tomatoes and include green beans, zucchini (or our other summer squashes), fresh peppers - several kinds but especially our paprika peppers, onions. So good! I've been using my big Kellog's breakfast tomatoes for most of the tomato portion, it has a lovely orange glow. We love having it over smashed potatoes but it is equally good with rice and a lovely seared pork chop.


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