Friday, August 23, 2013

Well I won pretty good at canasta yesterday.  It's a good thing after my maj and poker losses this week, huh?  Today shall find me in the pool enjoying every minute.

My VitaMix came last night and boy howdy I have homework now.  The cookbook that came with it is really nice, it's a three ring binder with tons of recipes.  I just have to get my act together and start making stuff.  I am anxious to make the soups.  I know that must sound funny in South Florida in the summer but I love soup, hot and chilled both.

Can you see the coconuts are back on the trees?  They're still small but they're there.  Hanging above the cars.  But not mine.

Oh, the gal that bought the scooter already paid me so now I have to get myself in gear and ship it out.  Nice transaction.  And a good deal for both of us.

Have a wonderful Friday y'all.  I will too.


  1. Buongiorno!
    We wait for the personal elaboration of tasty soups à la Bee!!!
    Yesterday I cooked zucchini X 3, the last one was a soup made with all with cut-outs of zucchini, and celery and carrot, chilly is very tasty, no fat, a little salt...I did think of you!!!

    Glad for your lucky and funny canasta!
    Big hugs, honey!

  2. Hope you don't even park close to the coconuts trees. I assume they could bonce around a bit after dropping.
    Have a good day at the pool.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I really hope that you don't become a soup maniac and start making gallons of soup that will stockpile all over your place! Seriously, can't wait to hear about your recipes!

  4. I love making soup and eating it! :)

  5. Hot soup in hot Florida. I could never figure that one out but that's you Bee and that's why I love you.
    One more day until my friends that we ate dinner at the Breeze. I'm looking forward to them. Today clean the deck and buy all the necessary materials for the party especially wine. They love wine.
    See you my gorgeous friend.


  6. I live in California and I like hot soup too. Soup is just good. So there. Can't wait to see what you make first.

    I wouldn't park under that tree either.

    I'm so happy you got the scooter sold. You just don't need one anymore.

    Have a terrific day at the pool honey. Big hugs. Hello to Roche. :)

  7. And what shall you name the Vitamix?

    Sir Mixalot


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