Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So the Internet is abuzz with cries to boycott Florida.  Don't drink orange juice because of the verdict.  Don't go to Disney World because of the decision.  I just don't get it.  Sorry, the jury did the only thing they could with the facts presented to them, they kept to the law.  Whether right or wrong they did the only thing they really could.  

How do I feel about it?  I don't know.  But I do know that if Trevon had been a white kid this would not be an issue.  The whole thing reeks of racism and there is sure a lot of that happening these days.  (She steps down off her soapbox now.)  Please feel free to leave your thoughts.

Oh, and one final thought, boycott away.  There are too many people here anyway.  And now Amazon is coming here so I'll have to pay sales tax on my purchases.  Buggers. (Now she really steps down.)

Fill up your tanks people, gas is going up a lot in the near future.  Again.  

Okay let's find some good news!  I did an hour in the pool yesterday and had a lot of fun, that was good.  I plan on doing it again today too. 


Then I made some enchiladas with a bee bandwagon flair.  110 calories each.  I ate three and have three left for tonight.  I poached a chicken breast, used low fat cheese, corn tortillas, enchilada sauce from a can, pretty good stuff for so few calories.

So tonight is poker.  Last week I lost thirty bucks, hope I win tonight.  I decided to play tighter.  By that I mean get into less pots.  Then mix it up in the second half.  We'll see if my strategy works.

Have a lovely Tuesday y'all.  I will too...  I get to swim, don't have to cook, and get to play cards, how great is that for a day?


  1. I agree. It was not a racist crime, but the "real" racist politicians are trying to turn it into one--causing more racial unrest. The jury came back with the only verdict they could with the evidence presented. If George Z was black we wouldn't have heard about this trial at all. BTW==GZ IS bi-racial, his grandpa is black.

  2. Enchiladas are yummy.

    Hope that you win at poker tonight.

    Enjoy your swim!

    I DO know that if a black guy had shot a white person, they wouldn't be upset at all if the verdict exonerated him. Just saying.
    I think the shooting was wrong,
    I also resent the reaction to the verdict, as if when they don't hear what they want to hear, they threaten to riot or boycott or force police departments all over the usa to go on tactical alert.
    Notice how there wasn't any of that when OJ Simpson got away with murdering two people?

  3. I have so much to say about this - I won't say a word, except that I'm with you.
    We had good ol' fashioned goulash tonight, hadn't fixed that in ages.
    Good luck with poker!

  4. I won't add my thoughts except to say that thankfully, I no longer watch the news, local or national. Most of what I hear about now comes from headlines from Facebook status updates or in conversation with friends.

    Which reminds me... I have jury duty again in a few weeks. One of these cycles they're gonna skip summoning me, right?

    Have fun at the pool and good luck with your poker strategy!

    big hugs xoxo

  5. deer AB
    I had haffa can uv classic seafood entree classic pâté. an it wuz almost no caloriez at all
    I am jus sayin
    Yer JH

  6. I agree with you. And won't mount my own soapbox. I am tired of the media and politicians trying cases beforehand. How can there be justice?

    Mostly packed. And MM is home.

    Bg hugs, honey...

  7. Bee, Everyday in Indy there is a shooting. Sad waste of lifes. Lots of young black men dead....where are the protest there?
    Your dinner looked good. you are very good at fixing things you can get two meals or more from. Good idea.
    Luck Bee a lady tonight...that's for poker tonight:):)xoxo,Susie

  8. I only thing I will say is that one person had a gun and the other had skittles and tea.
    How about the things are taking place in Big Brother. I don't like that situation taking place in that show. It bothers me a great deal.I thought it was a game.
    It's very hot here now. In the 90's and over on near 100's. I get ill that high. We can't take mom out.
    Tonight's your night to play poker and win a great deal my wonderful friend. Take my bee pin with you. It might help. See you.


  9. Sorry Miss Bee, we will be there in Sept for 10 days at DW. Our daughter and granddaughter will be there for 4 nights. They live here in IL by us. She then called her brother in Ca. and said you need to come and make memories, so now son and dil and our other two granddaughters will also be there for 4 nights. A big family get together. :) So sorry I can't boycott Florida.

    Love your Blog

  10. I'm only going to comment on your day. It sounds perfect to me! Hope you will thoroughly enjoy the swimming, card-playing, and not cooking. :-) Hugs!

  11. I will only say that I live in a suburb of Chicago. Every weekend there are killings of young black men by young black men. There are killings of innocent bystanders. There are killings during robberies. Where are Jessie and Al, they aren't here protesting. Why? My opinion is because these killings are not white (or Hispanic) on black crimes. They are mostly black on black crimes and it seems that no one wants to talk about that. This is just my opinion.


  12. Tragic that's what the entire Z case was.
    If anyone heard the "evidence" they had no recourse but to follow the law.
    Ppl should examine WHY this case is careening out of control and who is pushing an agenda.
    Just sayin.

  13. Ummm don't know why but only published 1/2 my comments.
    Good luck with the games tonight!

  14. I'm going to approach your question from a different place. Every county has a district attorney's office. The police do their investigation and hand over that investigation to the district attorney's office for review. The district attorney's office decides if there is enough evidence for them to prosecute the case. They rejected that case and then the feds got in the mix. They prosecuted the case and of course Zimmerman was found not guilty. Who's paying the tab for this? That county is. Not the federal government that caused the case to be heard. The federal government has no business doing the work of a county in any state in this fine nation. Stepping off my soapbox.

    You dinner looks mighty good. Very low calorie as well.

    Have a terrific day at the pool and enjoy your poker game tonight. It's time you win. Big hugs from sunny California. ☺

  15. I heard the only strategy in poker that works is to bet heavy when you've got better cards than anyone else -- but the only way to make that strategy work is to cheat.

    But good luck tonight anyway, Bee.


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