Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh that first glimpse of those beautiful mountains that both Sarge and I loved so much!

Beautiful granddogs to greet me! They are so well behaved and sweet and they love grammy scritches!

And a surprise! Kitties! What fun I am having.

Roche' pitched a hissy fit and wouldn't get on the plane so I had to leave him with a sitter that promised to take him to the pool every day.

All is well and I had a lovely flight. I did have to help though. When we took off I had to hold onto my armrests so the plane would hold together and when we landed I had to put my brakes on real hard but I didn't mind. I was happy to help the pilot.

So I will post but not necessarily my regular midnight schedule so check back here and there.

Having a wonerful time!

Empress Bee

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Location:Podunk, USA


  1. Bee, even when I flew over 80,000 miles a year for my job, I had to help the pilot. You could not speak to me as I concentrated on the take-off, and same with the landing. I am so glad you did it! Have a terrific time. You have such wonderful kids who love you so!

  2. YOU DID IT!!! Now you know, you can do it again. So many firsts times things for us to do alone--it is so dang scary! I do not like to fly--never have and don't plan to ever again. Fred was a small plane pilot, he was completely unafraid--I told him, "But you know what can happen. You should be more scared then the rest of us." He had such positive trust in everything!! Wish I could be that way. Hope the mountains, the scenes that remind you the last time you were there was with Sarge Charlie. Memories are great, but sometimes--they bring s tear. It's been 18 months today for me and it is pretty easy now, but sometimes..........well you know what I mean. Love ya Kiddo

  3. Oh, what fun you're going to be having! Enjoy every second!

    big hugs xoxo

  4. Bee, I hope your visit is wonderful. Get lots of hugs from your daughter. The top photo looked like the mountains of Tenn. Enjoy your day. xoxo,Susie

  5. I can feel you close by those vibes! Let's do lunch, k?

    Big hugs and welcome, honey...

  6. Happy to see that you are there. Memories will abound while you are there my wonderful friend. Have a great time there Bee.


  7. I'm always so happy to see my granddog when I go home. And most pilots need a little help these days. You did good. Have a fun day.

  8. Every pilot loves a good co-pilot! Enjoy your trip!

  9. Glad that you have dog and kitty love as well as your beloved mountains.

    I would have had to help the pilot that way too, ha-ha!

    Have fun, dear Bee:)

  10. Have the best time Miss Bee!

  11. How fun but I'm surprised that Roche pitched a hissy fit. I thought he would love to go. Perhaps it's because he didn't like the flight to your home earlier this year. Could be.

    Have a fabulous time honey. Big hugs. :)

  12. Glad you are here! I expect lots of people help the pilots at take-off and landing - whatever would they do without us? Have a wonderful time with your family. Hugs!


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