Saturday, June 1, 2013

Windy windy windy but it was good in the pool, the wind made a current and it helped me get a better workout actually and it was sunny and warm so I had a good time.

Today is the first day of hurricane season.  Every year it is the same thing, the tv is full of scary things and advice and predictions.  I have a plan and that's the best we can do, be sensible and don't do foolish things.  It has been a few years since one went directly thought my area but I am not fooled by the lull.  Nope, not fooled at all.

I am meeting Roberta today at John G's for lunch, love that place.  It'll also mean a stop at the Evelyn and Arthur store and their outlet nearby.  It's such a fun store, lots of nice things to look at.

So that's about it from me today, hope your day is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!


  1. I was able to swim today, first time since we left Sarasota on April 1. The water was wonderful but had to share the pool with 7 kids, four of my grandchildren and 3 friends. We had a lot of rain in May but today it was HOT so I am hoping summer is here.

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  3. Had a couple of scary hours watching the tornados swirl all over OK, around the area where my daughter and SIL live and work (El Reno- the Fed Pen), and my granddaughter in Edmond, but she's out here visiting. They had to total a brand new two week old truck due to hail. At least we don't have earthquakes every spring!
    Hope you are put of the way of any storms!!!

  4. Bee, I am adding you on my weather column so I can keep an eye on your weather. I have all my favorite bloggers and friends on it.
    The Square Dogs what to know if their Aunty Bee is OK

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Weather is nuts all over lately and hurricane season is nothing to underestimate ever. So glad you have hurricane shutters!

    Enjoy your day with Roberta and so jealous, love me some John Gs!

    big hugs xoxo

  6. I noticed on weather icon on my phone that WPB and Mayberry were both at 81 yesterday. I knew you had gone swimming.

    Enjoy today. Sigh. WIWT!

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Bee, Take your camera. We want pictures. I can see by the palms the wind was really blowing. Glad you had pool fun. You know Bee, people have gotten laxed about things. Our weather people just pound us with info..some so darn obvious, but then people have to be told, or they whine about it being someone else's fault they weren't prepared. Gaaaa. My mom used to call it common horse sense. There are people out there without it. :):) xoxo,Susie

  8. It's going to be near 100 degrees here today. Way too hot if you ask me, but no one asked me. Bugger. I know you love your pool and am glad you got to go and workout.

    John Gs will be fun as always. Enjoy your day out.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  9. Have fun! Cute store. I want one of those boyfriend shirts. The best you can do is prepare for the weather. Have water on hand, emergency non-perishable food, and a safe place to go. Living in a tall tower, I know that water doesn't come easily when the power is out. In fact, it becomes non-existent as there is nothing to run the pumps for an extended period (or pump the gas to run the backup generators).

    Enjoy the sunshine! It's sunny here. I'm thinking of dragging hubby to the trap and skeet club.

  10. What is your hurricane plan?
    Fingers crossed for you, you are smart to be prepared as best as possible.


  11. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods, what the heck is going on in our world? Be careful in your pool. You never know about tsunami. Ha,ha,ha. Also be careful with those sinkholes. I understand that Florida has many of them and I'm joking about this one. Be safe my wonderful friend. Also, check out blog, I finally wrote in it. I've been a little lazy lately.


  12. Love you AB. Wish we lived closer. I am just sayin'


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