Saturday, June 8, 2013

The rain comes, the rain goes.  It gets nasty out, it gets beautiful out.  All in a day with the tail of a tropical storm passing us by.  Luckily I did manage to get in the pool during a dry spell.

I also went to Comcast and the new (rather the old refurbished) box does work so I shall no longer complain.  I can now watch the new season of Miami City and Homeland when it returns.

While I was out I stopped at the WalMart, it's very near Comcast.  I went to the craft department and got a bunch of stuff for Roche'.  When I got home half of the stuff was not there.  It must have been left in a bag on the turny thingy where the bags are.  When I go back on Sunday I'll take the receipt and tell them.  I think they will replace it.  If not Roche' will pitch a fit and then they'll change their minds.  Have you ever seen a rock throw a hissy fit?  It's not pretty.

So my friends, here's to a great day for us both!


  1. nekkid people shouldn't throw rocks and nekkid rocks shouldn't throw hissy fits Is that how that works? bahahaha!

    I'm sure they probably stashed the bag for you in customer service. Hopefully.

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  2. Yep, I would check with customer service before Roche gets too excited. Do they make Valium for wee rocks???

    Big hugs, honey...

  3. Do you want to call Walmart and give them a heads up about the missing items?
    maybe then they will make it easier for you when you go back.


  4. I've seen a rock throw a hissy fit and it's not pretty. Remember I had all those babies, along with Seymour, here for a bit and they were cranky from time to tome. Not Roche though. He kind of kept everyone else in check. I liked him for that.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from HOT California. ☺

  5. I don't shop at walmart too often but when I do, I hate that twirly bag thing-y. I always feel like I'm going to leave something there.

  6. Rocks can cause major mayhem. Hope Wally World cooperates. I'd hate to see Roche call his cousins in outer space to "pay them a visit." LOL!

  7. Bee, I have thrown a rock in a hissy fit...but not see a rock throw a hissy fit. :):) Throwing rocks was a good way to get a spanking when I was a kid. Glad you managed some pool time. We had a beautiful day here. xoxo<susie


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