Monday, June 3, 2013

Pay it forward...

Yesterday the duck and I went to lunch and spotted three soldiers at the restaurant, we got their check.  Then three more came in, got theirs too.  This is nothing new around here, Sarge always did that, his way of saying thank you.  Well as we were leaving something happened that has never happened before.  The manager came to us and gave us a certificate for a free lunch next time we go to thank us!  What about that?  

So today I go see Dr. Wacks.  I'm taking Roche' with me, I think his blood pressure might be a bit low, he naps so much.  We'll get it checked out and see if he needs any meds or anything.  He was trying on clothes all day yesterday trying to decide what to wear.  He wants to make  good impression.

So that's about it in my world.  Hope your day is as great as mine...


  1. That was a much deserved thank you for YOU! Dck and I do the same thing. It feels good.

    Big hugs, honey...

  2. How kind of you and the Duck to pay those checks, you deserve the treat from the manager of the restaurant. :)

  3. How wonderful that the restaurant manager wanted to acknowledge your respect and gratitude. Love it! Perhaps he will be inspired to offer military discounts.

    Should be interesting to see what the old doc thinks of Roche'. Does the doc have rock rates? Or rock bottom rates for rocks? I'll stay tuned...

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  4. Bee, I know Duck and you didn't do that for praise...but I praise you. That was a wonderful touching thing to do. Military people need to be appreciated. I would have loved knowing your Sarge. :)xo,Susie

  5. You and the duck are such good eggs! Stories like this warm my heart!

  6. As I said over the phone, Dr. Wacks might be checking your blood pressure after seeing Roche'. Ha,ha,ha.
    That was such a wonderful thing you both did for those soldiers but wasn't it also wonderful by the manager to thanking you both. Being nice bring forth's nice and you my wonderful friend is nice, more then nice. You are a special person Bee and so is the Duck because he's your son. I'm so happy having you as my friend. Have a great day Bee.


  7. I think that is so sweet paying it forward like that. Sandie

  8. That's a nice thing you do, and nice that the manager noticed and acknowledged your good deed.

  9. It not only make the soldiers feel great, but it makes you feel great too!!

  10. I know this won't surprise you but we do the same thing. A wonderful way to say thank you. Excellent and the manager rocks.

    Roche tried on clothes all day? I'm starting to worry about him a bit. He's not acting the way I thought a macho boy rock would act.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

  11. That was a wonderful way of 'what goes around, comes around' with the restaurant manager. Very sweet of him -- and very sweet of you!

    Hee-hee on Roche:)



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