Friday, June 14, 2013

Is this cute or what?  It's on my friend's wall.  I have more photos to show you soon too.  She has quite a place.  Very fun.

Today is my day off as you know.  I think I'll take Roche' to the pool.  He loves it down there.  Well, I do too but then you already know that unless you just stumbled here for the first time in which case I am not crazy, my mother had me tested. (smile)

Seriously are you watching Magic City?  Tonight is the start of season three.  And last night Burn Notice came back on.  Love those shows.  Evenings are hard for me sometimes and the tv is what helps me get through those times so I am so happy I have shows on now that I love.

So it's Friday y'all.  Make it a great one.  I sure will.


  1. When there's nothing good on TV--I watch a video movie. Evening's are the worse--glad it stays lighter longer now. I hate when it gets dark--then the lonlies walk in and sit down. Dang them anyway!

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  3. What a wonderful clock! I love it!!

  4. I actually added it to my record list in my DVR thingy when you mentioned it last time. So I will be watching it to see if I like it. Hopefully not having seen the first 2 seasons won't matter.

    You two have fun at the pool! big hugs xoxo

  5. That's really cute!

  6. Our cable went out last night around 7:30, just in time for me to MISS my favorite show (Big Bang Theory) at 8. Oh, darn. Thankfully I had a good book so I read instead of watching. I haven't watched the Magic City show yet but if I see where it's on, I will give it a try. I saw Burn Notice once and liked it, but just don't see it often. Hope you have a great day and weekend, with lots of pool time! Hugs...

  7. I don't watch any television. I am watching the original Hawaii Five-O on Netflix. I haven't a clue what's on regular television.

    Have fun with Roche at the pool.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from windy California. :)

  8. I haven't watched either of those two. I might catch up on them this summer.

  9. Hey! I waved to you as we flew in. We will actually be in Delray Beach. Borrowed a friend's truck. Might try to go to John G's for lunch tomorrow. Wanna join us?

    Big hugs, honey...

  10. Cute Sheldon reference about your mom having you tested. I love the Big Bang Theory.

  11. Have fun at the pool !

    cheers, parsnip


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