Saturday, May 18, 2013

The pool was amazing yesterday.  It started out as a rainy day and I thought I wouldn't be able to swim but by lunchtime it was clear, warm, sunny, and perfect.  I worked for almost an hour!  I can't believe how long I can exercise in water.  I couldn't do 10 minutes of jogging on land I don't think.

Roche' almost demanded to go in too and I kept telling him he'd sink like a rock but nooooo, he had to go.  I had a devil of a time rescuing him after that little incident.  I told him he should stick to bubble baths and then he wanted bubbles in the pool!  Little devil.

I did all of my chores yesterday too so today I am totally free to do whatever I like.  What an amazing thought.

Have you tried Aveeno positively ageless firming body lotion?  This is not a paid ad or anything, it's just a product I found that I really like.  It does have a slight scent which I do not like but as far as firming lotions go it's about the best I have tried.  I had a sample from my dermatologist and then bought it.

Have a lovely Saturday y'all.  Just like me!


  1. Isn't it something that aqua-jogging is so much fun, burnes oodles of calories, and is easy to do?!
    I'm with you - I could never jog ten minutes on dry land, but put me in a 6' deep pool and it's like I'm battery-powered!

    ((hugs and happy weekend to you and Roche, dear Bee))

  2. Love the water. I think I was a Labrador Retriever in a past life, although I don't have webbed toes...
    Haven't tried the Aveeno yet. I use Philosophy products when I can. It has a very light scent - Amazing Grace - that just smells clean. My great grandson told me that I smelled good. That's a pretty great compliment!

  3. I am glad you pulled Roche' out of the pool, did he wear his sun screen ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I use Aveeno body lotion, which I really like, but haven't tried the firming lotion. I'll look out for it.

  5. Jog 10 minutes on land? I couldn't jog 10 steps! But water is a most wonderful thing.

    I have chores to do. Bugger. I so need a cleaning lady, at least for bathrooms and floors. Hate doing those.

    Have a lovely completely free day off! big hugs xoxo

  6. Bee, I love having my chores finished...then I can relax. So you can do whatever you like today. Good for you exercising for an hour. You are making yourself stronger. xoxo,Susie

  7. My Internet provider says I have moved to Jefferson, but I haven't. And it is raining here In Mayberry.

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. Will the firming lotion help with my loose skin? I've been on the bandwagon for 9 months and have lost 69 pounds, but my skin doesn't look very good now. I bought stretch cream yesterday to rub into the stretch marks from the weight loss. Can you suggest something for the sagging under my chin?

  9. Glad you made it to the pool and that it was an exceptional day. I like those a lot. As for Roche? He's a handful isn't he? I know you two will have a fun time, but you're going to have to be firm with him on many things. He'll get used to that.

    Way to go on getting those chores done. That rocks.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from windy but sunny California. :)

  10. Ciao!!!

    We ha viceversa a sunny morning and a raining afteroon...each day rain, May is so strange!!!
    Today I was from morning till afternoon with German friends, who visited our town, then they wanted to see the kindergarden they destinated theyr money we did see the great damages, that are still in the buildings, churches, was very painful for me, and my friends were so moved!!!

    Have a pleasant weekend!
    Big hugs for you and Roché!


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