Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It was chilly in the water but the air was really warm with a gentle breeze and the pool heater was pumping out warmer water.  It felt amazing.  I did 45 minutes of water jogging and burned 504 calories having fun.  How awesome is that?  

I also did something I rarely do, opened the doors and closed the screens and let fresh air blow through the condo.  I mean I might do it for a minute or two but not an afternoon usually.  Normally it is either too cool, to hot, too humid, too something and face it, I'm an A/C kind of gal.

Today is canasta and poker so no pool for me but that's okay.  I'll go back tomorrow after MahJong and Friday too.  Hopefully.

Have a terrific Tuesday y'all.  I sure know I will...


  1. What a sweet little pool. Do you walk around in a circle ?
    I am getting my pool turned on this week and I just walk back and forth and then float/run in the deep end. Feels so good like you said.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I.can.not.wait for the warmer weather to stay put! I will soon be water jogging and swimming in Peggy's pool. SOON! We've already had many conversations about it... while we commiserate about how cold the winter has been this year. Ack!

    I love being able to open the windows... which has a very small window of opportunity here. ha!

    Enjoy your day of hard work! big hugs xoxo

  3. How lovely you managed to get in the pool, exercise in water is THE best. I love when the weather is good enough to be able to open the doors and windows, it's never too hot here.

  4. Bee, So nice, you finally got to swimercise.:):) I absolutely love opening the windows and doors to let frsh air in our home, after winter. Can't wait till we can. It's airing out everything...it's healthy. Hope you win today . You know Bee, I love your upbeat spirit....it makes me happy to visit your blog. xoxo,Susie

  5. I'm glad you got to go to the pool and do your exercise. I know you love that more than anything. Good for you.

    I hope you win again today. Two weeks in a row would be awesome.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm and sunny California. ☺

  6. Sounds like a perfect day - not too hot, not too cold! I had my screen doors open for a little while a couple of days ago, I love to do that. (But then it started raining and got a little cool, so I closed them.) Glad you could get in the pool yesterday, I know it felt great. Have a wonderful day. Hugs!

  7. I do miss the huge condo pool we had in Nashville. I loved it so. I need to look into the local Y down the street. I told hubby that when I reach a certain milestone I'll see the doc about my knee. I know it will involve surgery -- either just a clean-out or replacement. I want to be a healthier weight before I tackle that. But to get there I need to pump up my exercise.

  8. Ciaoooo!!!
    Divine! I hope your Tuesday is lovely!

    Big hugs!

  9. I am a windows open gal. A/C when necessary though...I'm not crazy!

    Big hugs from WDW, honey...


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