Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

Well it's Wednesday and that means MahJong and also the week is already half over.  I have been waking up really early lately.  Mostly because there are new people in the condo over mine and the lady walks around in high heels on a marble floor.  And never sits down.  I had a nice little talk with the manager yesterday and she called her.  She was very apologetic.  Hopefully that won't happen any more.  Anyway that's why you get to see the sunrise photo today, because she woke me.

Yesterday I broke even at poker.  Sixty in and sixty out.  Not bad.  Lots of fun too.  The very first hand I had four jacks!  I won the big pot plus everyone had to pay me three dollars so it was about seventy dollars but then in the end I didn't win.  It sure was fun to get that hand though.

Today I get to see my MahJong gals, well three of them anyway.  I love the new card this year.

Hope your Wednesday is as good as mine, if it is you will have a great day!


  1. Sometimes people don't realize how they are affecting someone above or below them. Bless their hearts. Hopefully you'll get to sleep in tomorrow.

    Way to go on the poker game. Having all that fun and it not costing anything really rocks.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs from sunny and warm California. ☺

  2. Love that photo!!! Even though we're in a nice mobile home park, we never hear anything! It was an adult-only park when we moved in, but so far, so good. The elderly couple on the south of us died three weeks apart, and their place will be for sale. I am hoping beyond hope that no one with kids moves in!

  3. It's good that 'high heel lady' was apologetic, she could have been one of those people who couldn't care less about other people.:)

    Lovely photo.

  4. Maybe I should send the high heel lady a pair of slippers in an unmarked package . What size do you think she wears?

  5. Well, I'd say that sunrise was worth waking up for! Y'all. If I lived there I would be out there for every one of them!

    YAY you for the jacks! I got 4 queens twice, playing online for fun... no real money involved. They're the only 4 of a kinds I've ever gotten unless it was a wacky game with my parents and their friends. They had all kinds of crazy wild cards, but they don't count. I only like to play Texas Holdem.

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  6. You had plenty of fun for sure.

    Hopefully the noise upstairs will stay gone now.

    We are slowly warming up in these parts, and I am liking that.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. The wind is blowing the rain sideways here, thought it would be a good morning to not go out. Instead I'm sipping coffee, watching the weather and catching up with blog friends! Your picture on the side bar looks awesome! And all your posts I've missed lately tell me you are still having fun just being you! I love reading here, you make me chuckle and chortle.

  8. Breaking even sounds like a good plan! No charge for hours of entertainment and companionship.


    Love the sunrise picture!

  9. 60 in and 60 out? Even-steven fun!

    I hope you can sleep in. Glad you're liking your new card game group. Have fun!

  10. I have kids running back and forth in the apartment above me. It used to bother me a little but now I barely notice it.


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