Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday stuff...

I just love how this looks at night.  It is welcoming and soft and feminine and exactly what I hoped it would be.  It's also comfortable to sit on now.  Before it had so many too-soft cushions you would sink into it and now it is firmer and easier to get up and nicer all around.  I also like that I reused the old sofas instead of sending them to the dump.  Well giving them away I suppose but still I like that I reused them.  There is still a rug to come for under the coffee table.  I believe it will have a border and be pink and green.  I think.

Today is warm and sunny and I will be in the card room instead of the pool.  I would rather be in the pool but I am in a group and I must not let them down.  I did go in yesterday though but it was chilly.  That's okay, I worked and it still felt good.  Once I got all in and working it felt pretty good.

My guest is coming later in the week.  That's a good thing.  I'll make the blueberry muffins soon.

I have to go through my shoes.  There are many pairs in there too big now.  Many many pairs.  Many many many pairs.  Oh gosh.  After my guest looks through them I'll ship some out and put some up for grabs.  Mostly all ballet flats.  Many have never touched the floor.  Sigh.  Stay tuned.

So that's all I know today y'all.  Hope your Tuesday is totally tits.  I sure know mine will be!


  1. Tell me they're 9&1/2!!!

    The condo looks beautiful. 🌺

  2. what size? 8.5??? have your guest look through and pick out any i might like... :D :D

    miss ya.

  3. The room looks so inviting - a place to curl up in!

  4. The room looks so inviting - a place to curl up in!

  5. Oh yes your room looks delightful and welcoming for sure!

  6. Do wish the shoes were 9's! But I dare say not, I'd never believe you had moose feet (my dad affectionately titled me with that years ago) like me.

    Sorry there's not time for the pool. I am bumming, the stepper I bought used last week is broke. Should have known it was too good to be true at $15 instead of the retail of $100. :(

    Time to find something else to keep me moving in the winter, indoors.

  7. Your room looks beautiful! Vickie from OKC, OK.

  8. Beautiful room! It looks so welcoming and cozy, Bee.

    I agree about preferring firmer couch cushions.

    Have a nice Tuesday.

  9. Your condo looks beautiful and so calming! Have a great day!

  10. Hi Bee. I have to send my ring ( that I bought on the ship ) to get it sized pro0perly. I was having such a difficult time calling the place in Miami ( They would never call back ) that I had to call John unfortunately and then I had some one email. Now I had quickness. I felt bad emailing John since he was home with his family. Why can't these people do their jobs.
    Mom's still in the hospital but we told yesterday that she's strong but she has lost cognitive ability and may never get it back. Now new problems will come from this. I was feeling so good losing weight way back but now I just know. See you my wonderful friend.


  11. Bee, The color combinations for your condo are beautiful. I love it. I think you were smart to reuse the furniture you had. I remember when my MIL lost weight and her shoes would slip on her heels. She had to get all new shoes. Enjoy your time today. xoxo,Susie

  12. Enjoy the card game; there will (there should) be lots more warm, sunny days, and soon, in Florida. Pitchers and catchers are reporting for Spring Training! (Of course, my White Sox have been in Arizona for years now for the Spring -- and yesterday it was in the mid-40s there. But it will warm up in the Desert too.)

  13. Oh, your room is so pretty! Happy and feminine. I love it! Glad you have a guest coming, too. Isn't that nice to look forward to, y'all? Have a great day and a great week.

  14. Pretty, pretty! Maybe the Well Friday night? We plan to be back from Lakeland on Friday.

    Have a fun day. Big hugs, honey...

  15. I love your homes new look. So feminine indeed. You did well.

    Sorry you can't be in the pool today, but you'll get there soon enough. I know how you love doing your water aerobics.

    Have a fantastic day honey. Big hugs from cold but warming up California. ☺

  16. Your condo looks so welcoming and feminine, Bee!
    Better stuffing on the sofa cushions definitely helps make them feel better.
    Sorry you can't be in the pool today - but hope you win at cards:)


  17. I have to have firmer cushions too--or I can't get up from the sofa/chair, LOL.

  18. It does look lovely! I'm so glad you're pleased with it. It was a lot warmer in St. Augustine than here. Boy howdy. And it's raining a little bit but it's still nice to be home.

    Have a lovely day. big hugs xoxo

  19. I love this picture taken at night, it looks so serene. Did Bethany message or email you last night? I think we have something that belongs to you.

    Big Hugs,


  20. It's so pretty and girly. I love it! I see some shoe-shopping in your future. LOL!

    Read my quilting blog. I'm giving up buying fabric for Lent (bwahahahaahahaha!)


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