Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Monday Bee Bandwagon thoughts...

So okay I've been thinking about something.  Why am I being successful with my weight loss this time when I have not been in the past.  I think I know the answer.  I am no longer eating the same things.  

Now wait, before you say well of course Bee, what I mean is I have changed my "taste" and I no longer like the fatty fried things.  I like the roasted low fat fresh things.  Why?  I think because I switched about everything I ate for a while and then my tastes changed over time.

For example I have no desire for a cookie at all.  The thought is even almost repulsive. If I want something sweet I either have fresh fruit or a low fat biscotti or frosting free low fat cake.  But mostly I eat just whole foods that I cook myself.  I rarely eat beef, mostly fish and chicken and turkey for protein.  Or very lean low sodium ham.  I use this to season green beans or cabbage, things like that.

I use almost no salt now because you get enough just eating normally without adding any.  I no longer LIKE salt to be prominent.  If I want french fries, which I sometimes do, I make my own in the oven with just spray and a tiny bit of salt and pepper.  Cook them on high heat until they brown nicely and they are absolutely delicious.  And if you want them a bit different add some onion to that tray and it will brown just like fried.

I still love tuna salad but I now love it with that low fat olive oil mayo instead of regular mayo.  Half the calories.  Lots of celery and pickles, a bit of mustard, done.  Make some lettuce wraps with it!

And don't think you can't have peanut butter either.  I have it several times a week.  I like it on a banana.  But I only eat one teaspoon.  Not a tablespoon.  I get the creamy kind, natural, and it spreads really nicely.

I love coffee and especially a latte.  I like 1% milk and fill the cup half full, put it in the microwave for one minute and then let the Keurig coffeemaker put in the coffee, it will be frothy and delicious.  Sweeten if you like.  This is a filling snack and the milk is good calcium.  A low fat biscotti with that and you'll never know it's only 150 calories!

Hope some of this helps you.  It is sure working for me!  Oh, and keep moving!


  1. Such great ideas.
    I follow much of what you have mentioned but I think your exercising really helps too. Plus you have to keep it up.
    You look wonderful but I always thought you looked lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Your taste buds can change, that's for sure! Since I opted for bariatric surgery 11 yrs ago, I have a protein shake every morning. I'm not supposed to eat carbs, but I am a carboholic! Because I have malabsorption due to surgery - and IBS - I can't do raw veggies. They become like a Roto-Rooter (sorry for the image!). I love popcorn but can't eat it or nuts, all of the good snacks, like carrot sticks. I lost 125# and have gained back about 40, I'd like to lose 20.
    I believe the pounds will fall off if I could just get off my a$$ and walk. Since our area is hilly I'm Afraid ill take another header and fall again. Motivation Zero. Shame on me.

  3. I remember when I lost the weight the last time I often thought to myself when I'd see people loading up their plates, "How can these people eat like that?!". I managed to keep the weight off for about 7-8 years before it started inching (and I do mean INCHes!) its way back on. You are what you eat and you are what you think. And what you drink. Beginning today, I am going to try not drinking my wine, which is my end of the day relaxation reward. Saving the calories will help the weight come off faster but I am very worried about the panic attacks starting up again. I guess we shall see how it goes. If I get anxious it becomes a horrible, vicious cycle that is very hard to put at bay again. I am hoping that my desire to be thinner and healthier will keep my anxiety from rearing its ugly head. Say a prayer!

    big hugs from chilly nawth jawjah! xoxo

  4. Bee, I am now fully on the bandwagon! Myfitnesspal has really showed my how much I have been overeating - sheesh! All good though and moving forward!

  5. This post is interesting. I'm starting to believe that moderation may not be the key but a big change like what you did. Thanks for posting this

  6. I'm not a salt fan. I rarely add it to stuff I'm cooking. I watch it when I eat out as most places tend to oversalt the food.

  7. As I look out my window this morning as the snow is coming down, what do I see in my computer is a vision with a red hat in the blue waters of your pool. Then I look back through my window and I still see snow. Snow is really water so out in my driveway is my white pool. I have to think about something.
    Good morning Bee. You look just great and what I like the best is that wonderful SMILE. Wow! Continue what you're doing my lovely friend. Guess what? I only gained 2 lbs on the cruise. I shouldn't have any problem getting that down quickly. See you.


  8. Love the coffee tip... def. need that one.

    I also need a swift kick in the arse to get going again. I have been bad, and I have a few reasons. But none are legit enough to make me stop. I need to get motivated again. I miss walking, but the weather is just not cooperating. Hope the darn groundhog is right, early spring means walking again sooner.

  9. Bee, You have made me want to eat better also. I have always prefered roasted, baked, and broiled over fried. I told Ted we never do gravy around here. I like to season our foods with Mrs. Dash no salt. Thanks for that coffee recipe.:):) xoxo,Susie

  10. You've done very well. You are looking great and I'm sure you feel better than you have in years. Good for you. I'm proud of you.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from cold and foggy California. ☺

  11. But you still like cake, right?

    Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

  12. I've never understood the skim milk thing. It's like water. My wife got me to use 2% for many years -- but when Younger Daughter was pregnant we laid in a stock of whole milk for the first time in decades.

    It was heavenly.

    I can't drink a lot of milk... but if I'm going to drink any I'd like it to taste like something. But that's just me.

  13. Buongiorno!!!

    You get weight loss also for your new life style, swimming, walking, no beading, ...and for the great consistency in dieting with healthy but tasty food!
    Brava, brava, brava!!!!

    Big hugs, my she-champion!!! (is it right? I've no time to read google translate...I hope with my English not to offend, it is not my intention...thanks!)

  14. You are doing a marvelous job of getting healthy and keeping your weight off. I have lost weight only to regain it. Something in my psyche is afraid to loose weight. I have gained my 7 pounds back. I'm totally disgusted with myself. I have to remember that at any given point I can make a U turn and get back on track.

    Thank you for the inspiration, Bee.

  15. you ARE a "she-champion!" just like ivana said!

    it's true- over time tastes change based on what you eat. lately i'm eating... weirdly. i definitely crave sugar still, and not the fruit kind. sometimes the fruit kind. i think i eat when i'm emotionally feeling off, like when matt leaves and stuff. but when i'm doing crossfit, then i feel really crummy if i don't eat good, whole foods. like today, breakfast was good- an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter. then crossfit. but for lunch i had two enchiladas with chicken and cheese and fried rice and refried beans. i feel GROSS now, not mentally, just physically. so tired and just kind of heavy. like the food is just sitting there in my belly instead of powering my body.


    dinner is gonna be a salad with hardboiled eggs and apple cider vinegar dressing, YUM. hopefully it will make up for lunch...

    tomorrow i am starting yoga, i think.

    is there yoga you could take too? that'd be fun, if we were both doing yoga, wouldn't it? i've never been to this place i'm trying tomorrow and it's always kind of awkward at first, but i'm sort of looking forward to it. i want to do crossfit MWF and yoga on tuesdays and thursdays, that way on my "days off" of crossfit i'm still doing something (and getting more flexible and toned while i'm at it...)

    anyway. this is a long comment.

  16. Auntie Bee you are so smart!!! All of those things sound very good to the mom! Oh years ago she learned how to make weight watchers potato chips - slice one baking potato kind of thin. Put salt an seasoning on it (like Mrs Dash or garlic or onion powder), arrange on a microwave safe plate and nuke for 6-8 minutes until they are crisp but not burned. She LOVES them. And they're only the calories of 1 potato


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