Sunday, February 10, 2013

So many of you asked about the towel, it came from Land's End.  They will put three letters on it for six dollars too.  It has yellow on the sides but in this photo you can't see that.

So I was all our of fruit and I went to the fruit stand.  Well they only had a few things that interested me, I was mighty disappointed too.  Oh well, I'll have to improvise and keep looking.  

Last night a dear friend of 40 years had their daughter in an episode on tv.  She is very beautiful.  Here's the thing.  Her and the duck were tiny little kids together.  In this series she played the mother of a teenager.  She was very good but I was looking for her to be the daughter, not the mother.  Kind of shocked me.  Sometimes these things happen and you get shocked into the reality of your own age.

Here is her website.  I told you she's beautiful didn't I?  

She is also about to get married.  In Mexico.  I am invited to the wedding.  In Mexico.  Um. No, I don't think so.  I'd fly anywhere in the country to see it but to go to (and stay in) Mexico is not something I want to do.  I would visit it like on a cruise but probably not get off the ship.  I feel really bad about not going too.  I'll send a really nice wedding present though.

It never got warm enough yesterday to get in the pool.  Too bad, I really wanted to go. Today doesn't look promising either.  Hopefully the weather guy is wrong.

Have a lovely Sunday y'all.  I will too.


  1. She's cute, but I think your Lala is much cuter!
    I've been watching old TV programs and it kills me to realize I was 15 when some of the debuted, and now they've been around for 50 years! Àrgh! I watched one old movie that was made in 1947, my birth year. It's interesting to see the fashions, cars, home decor and realize that's the way life was for my parents...
    Have a happy Sunday!

  2. I know I can't believe I am nearly 60. In my mind, I'm still that girl from the 60's. And now I'm almost 60. In a different century.

    OK. Now I might be a little depressed.

    That is rather far to expect anyone but the immediate bridal party to go. IMHO. My nephew's bride had always dreamed of having a wedding on the beach in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, there were about a dozen or so reasons that nearly everybody in her wedding party couldn't make it... Not to mention family and friends. She chose her big wedding and gave up the beach in the Caribbean idea.

    It was about 10 degrees cooler here than weather dude said it would be. Maybe he'll be right today?

    Big hugs xoxo

  3. I know what you mean about one's age coming as a shock when you realise just how old you are. It hit me recently when my eldest son reached the age of 42! :0

    Your friends daughter is very pretty. :)

  4. She is indeed very pretty, although not a teenager any more. I'm sure her wedding will be lovely but Mexico would not have been my first choice for location, either. Hope your day is warm enough for you to get in the pool. Enjoy!

  5. MM and I are boycotting Mexico. Period. She is a very pretty gal. Best wishes to the couple.

    It is looking like a no-pool day with this wind. Bugger for you.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. I'm in a bad mood this morning Bee. I gained a pound or so and this hasn't been my best between eating and dealing with the situation with my mother. Soon it will be coming to a head. Just before my mom got sick my weight got down to 199. After that everything has gone crazy. Have a good day Bee.


  7. I had a thought about the "twins" this morning. What if someone were to put a little jar of nuts on the table with a note that reads something like .... "twins (name here) please take this jar instead of those in the carafe".
    I know I am being mean but hey, everyone there is paying for their thievery.


  8. I'm very aware of my age. Why? I see my reflection in the mirror every day. I see what you're saying though. She is cute, but not as pretty as Lala so there. Gracie is right about that.

    Sorry you didn't get the fruit you wanted. I know the feeling. Sometimes there's lots of goodness and other times not so much.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. I hope it warms up. Big hugs :)

  9. Good Sunday morning to you, dear Bee.

    Darling towel - you find the cutest things!

    The age thing is a little shocking, i agree. I saw the kids playing in the Super Bowl, and they looked like they could have been my grown children -- I remember when they seemed to be so old! The movie stars now all are unfamiliar and babies, same kind of thing. Time passes and you don't really realize it until you see how much younger everyone is getting:)

    Hopefully the fruit will be there and better tomorrow morning. Are Sundays usually sold out of the best fruit?

    The girl getting married is cute. I wouldn't go to Mexico either - it just isn't safe, I agree. Unless it's a beautiful resort like One & Only Palmilla in Los Cabos, but even then you have to get there from the airport.

    Hope it warms up and you have a fun swim.

  10. Bee, What fun to see your friend on tv. On a show , not the news. :):) I know how you feel about Mexico. I have been, before the big drug lords. You could not pay me enough to visit there now. I like cruising in the gulf...but that's as close as I want to be any more. xoxo,Susie

  11. I enjoy Mexico. Yes, there are a lot of yucky parts but also a lot of beautiful parts too. They have wonderful all-inclusive resorts where you'd think you're in the Carribean.....places you can stay the week and never leave the resort because the food and entertainment are all included (just like the ship).

    Have a great day- love the towel!


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