Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Poker tonight!

I have not been winning much but I feel lucky tonight.  I'll wear my bee ring for good measure.

Eggs...  oh how Sarge loved his eggs!  I don't eat many of them.  Yesterday I got up a bit late and since I had to eat lunch before I left for canasta I decided to wait a bit and then have eggs and toast and call it brunch.  Good idea I thought.  

Sarge was the ultimate egg cooker.  I am not.  He'd flip them so easily but he always did it over the sink.  I thought it was because he fried them in lots of butter and it might splash so he was being neat.

I decided I'd try to flip mine.  I mean if he could do it so could I.  Lo and behold they flipped perfectly!  I was so proud of them!  I let them cook just a bit on the other side and then thought well, lets's flip them back and just slide them onto the plate like Sarge always did.  So I did.  With one exception.  Mine slid beautifully alright.  Right into the sink.  Splat.  Buggers.  Start over and get out the spatula...

The canasta game yesterday was lovely.  I had not played with any of them before and it was a really nice afternoon.  I won too!  Which never hurts!  Ha.

Have a lovely day y'all.  I will too.


  1. Lets hope the Bee Ring brings you lots of good luck playing poker !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. bahahahaha! A for effort though! I can't flip anything in a pan. My Arthur Itis hands won't cooperate.

    Plus, I'm a klutz of the highest order. srsly.

    Good luck at poker! big hugs xoxo

  3. I never flip my eggs I just splash fat onto the yoke to cook it. I prefer scrambled though. :)

  4. Do I ever understand Klutz! At least you got it in the sink! Jolly good. I don't eat many eggs, but there are times when they sound so good. Have a winning evening and lots of fun!

  5. eggs, are GOOD for you, eat some. did you know eggs are one of the perfect protein foods? eggs have all essential proteins, and are easily digested, making them my 'go to" when I am hungry, and in a hurry. Good luck at poker ! Oh, and I have a blog too, have you forgot?

  6. Good luck tonight! I know you'll have fun, regardless of the winnings.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Good luck with your bee ring! I love eggs and toast but not too often. 😄

  8. Buongiorno!

    I bet that your ring will attire the glances, so the attention to the game is not so active...good luck for the poker night!

    I got two eggs for two for supper yesterday, two Tsp parmigiano, some flour and milk, pepper and salt, and we got a tasty omelette!

    Have fun!

    Big hugs!

  9. I could see you with those eggs right up to the splat. I've done the very same thing. Bugger is right. You made me laugh out loud.

    I love your Bee ring. I hope you win tonight too. It's time.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from cold California. ☺

  10. We got up to 48 and thought it was scary warm. But the wind chill is back down to zero now so all is right with the world.

    I guess the eggs should be flipped over the sink... just in case, right?

  11. Oh geez. Next time they'll go in the plate. Practice makes perfect:)

    Enjoy poker tonight and your good luck 'Bee' ring!


  12. matt is good at flipping eggs too. at least you did it over the sink, that's smart of you guys. :]

    did it taste good?

  13. Bee, you crack me up. Love the ring!

  14. I'm not much of an egg person either, and aside from scrambled and sunny side up I'm pretty clueless as to how to make them. LOL


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