Friday, February 15, 2013

Okay, here's my take on it...

It must be a slow news time.  They are doing their level best to completely ruin the cruise industry with their sensationalism and mis-reporting.

The Carnival Triumph had a fire and no one was hurt.  They were not able to sail and were adrift.  The crew worked non stop to make the passengers as comfortable as possible.  Was it fun?  No, of course not.  

Had I been on that cruise I would have stepped up to the plate and helped wherever I could.  I would not have complained where not necessary.  This was not something that Carnival planned or wanted for heaven's sake.  It was something that happened and you go forward and do the best you can with what you have.

The passengers are getting a full refund, another cruise, $500.00, travel, hotels, whatever they need to get home.  Does that make it go away?  Of course not.  

I guess I am in the "glass is half full" club.  I do tend to see the best where possible, I know that.  I also think I am happy to be on that side whatever the situation.

Sarge was the same way.  He was not a "negative Nellie" nor am I.  And I cannot stand it when others behave that way.

I loved hearing the passengers talking about how well the crew did and I knew they would.  They always do. The media tried their hardest to get them to say negative things but the ones I heard did not.

Okay, I'm done.  Sorry for the rant.  Carry on.


  1. We have family on that ship. Or did; they're off it by now. The level of misery on board was pretty high, and some pretty stark shortcomings in the ship itself were pretty glaring. They need to address the why of not having adequate backup power and not having sufficient means to handle human waste, and why there was not enough non-perishable food on hand in the event of such an emergency.

    The crew couldn't have prevented it and did the best they could...but corporate Carnival has a lot to answer for, starting with the maintenance of their aging fleet. This ship has had issues in the past, as recently as the cruise just prior to this one.

    A refund is in order, sure, but I'm not sure the $500 on top of that is enough to make up for vacation time lost that can't be recovered, money spent on clothes and the like just to be on that vacation, and in at least one family member's case, what the stress has done physically. He didn't get "sick" but he won't be fine for a while...and that's on Carnival.

  2. Buongiorno!
    I cannot judge, then I do not know the event; the media often show more interest to dramatize than to investigate all aspects of the incident.
    Of course it needs to come to the right causes of the incident!!!
    I bet you got an amazing Thursday!
    Big hugs!

  3. Never having been on a cruise I can't comment on the crew, other than to say you and many others have spoken quite highly of them - always, and I value you and trust your opinion...
    However, if I am ever on a disabled ship I will probably jump overboard!

  4. I'm with you--the glass is half-full club. The media, as usual, thrives on negativity and drama, which is why I choose not to watch it. As a result of this incident no doubt the cruise industry will take even more steps to prevent this from happening again as well as trying to improve conditions for all aboard if it ever does. I too would try to help out wherever possible. I've only seen one passenger's interview last night. What happened during this cruise was an exception to the rule... not the rule. Was it fun? No. It was awful. But they were all safe. And he and his wife plan to cruise again. And so do it.

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  5. I am with you Bee. I sm sure it was not fun, but I know we would have made the best of it and tried to have the best tent city ever.

    Big early morning hugs!!


  6. I have been following it. I think the worse is the no toilets that would be tough but I have heard great about the crew. I think the crew need more than 1 day off after that too. There is always the people who see the worst, ones who see the best and then the middle ground. I read some horror storys and was like huh? Thats the worst case and they are thriving on it. And then there will be the ones who only see the best. I am of the mindset of it prob sucked but it would be the not having working toilets. I also travel with my own flashlight, snacks and energy bars, Even on a cruise.

  7. I'm sure it was no fun for anyone but I agree, the last person/company who wanted this to happen were the captain/Carnival. I'm sure the smell and conditions were horrible but no one died and there seemed to be no more injuries than they would have had on a regular cruise (On my Oasis trip, my friends daughter broke her leg on the first day ice skating!)

    The poop stories make for dramatic tv!

  8. Bee, I agree 100%. You know there are what I call "whine asses" out there. You could never please them. We have to make do. Think what would have happened if this ship were way out to sea. People need to buck up, for crying out loud.Like you said the crew did their best, this was not planned, and the passengers will absolutely be reinbursed. Hope your day is a sunny one, we are in for a winter weekend. xoxo,Susie

  9. I'm with you Bee. These type of stories make money and make ways of suing a company. I keep thinking of the workers who still have to assist the guest and they are ones who live in the lowest part of the ship. No one wanted this to happened but everyone lived. I just wish there were more good stories about how the workers did their best for the people under duress of this situation. Of course we won't read about those because they aren't exciting or make the money. Next week I'm going to arrange my 8th cruise with Carnival. See you my lovely friend.



  10. The media sucks as far as I'm concerned and I've not followed this story. I don't cruise anymore and just wasn't interested once I knew everyone was okay. I know how hard the crew works. Very, very heard. My only thought was this is ship two that was adrift because of a fire. I'd be looking at the whys, but then that's what I did while I was still working. Is there any relationship between the two fires/age of the ship and so on.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from sunny California. ☺

  11. I think sleeping out on deck would have been a blast--in fact, I would prefer that to being stuck in a cabin--I always did like camping out. The toilet thingie would have been difficult for me, but all the passengers I heard speak on the news were quite positive about the crew. After all--the crew were living in the same conditions AND trying to help everyone else at the same time. Probably harder for them then the passengers.

  12. ...but--I'm still glad you weren't on that cruise.

  13. I find it difficult to have an opinion on the matter. Too many things I'm not privy to. I know that if faced with this matter, I'd make the best of it.

    I'm just thankful that folks are now headed home and no one died.

  14. I've been wondering when (or whether) you'd comment on this. I heard one woman today from the Chicago area interviewed -- she had an inside cabin, which presumably would have been the worst place to be -- a private balcony room would have been the least bad, I assume -- and she was nevertheless effusive in her praise for the rank and file staff -- but critical of the captain and the senior management.

    And, of course, maybe you didn't hear -- but they bused those folks from Mobile to New Orleans after they made port. One of the buses broke down along the way. Long Suffering Spouse turned to me and said, "That would be the one we'd be on." (This was not a 'Negative Nelly' comment either; it was a reasonable conclusion based on our limited vacation experiences....)

    I give the cruise line credit for being open and upfront about an ugly situation. Speaking as a lawyer, I doubt there are going to be any successful suits that come out of this, unless the boat owners have a product claim against the maker of whatever went wrong to cause the fire. Thankfully, it seems none of the passengers were seriously injured by any of this -- but it's going to cut into the cruise line's business, surely. Maybe the boats should be retrofitted for some sort of separate backup for power and water even if propulsion fails.

  15. You know my glass is always at least half full. MM and I would have been with you helping and coping. Stuff happens. Carnival is great!

    Big hugs, honey...

  16. The reports here in Dallas and Houston from people that were on the ship are praising the crew. There have been stories, again locally, of a lady that had a fairly clean room and place to stay that invited 4 older ladies to join her to get them out of the worst of it. Carnival does have a lot to answer for. If that ship had had problems in the last month, it should have been pulled and thoroughly checked out. I have never been on a cruise but the sensationalism of the media would not deter me from going. I would ask a lot of questions from friends that have been so I would know what to expect, like toe inspections!

  17. Thanks Bee for expressing a very important sentiment. Carnival is doing the best it can do given the situation the Triumph was in. Have a great weekend and stay warm. Sunday is going to be very chilly by our standard.


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