Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kudos Keurig!

Keurig is an amazing company!  My coffeemaker is over two years old and the small cup feature (teacup size) stopped working.  I called them and they said it was out of warranty but they would honor the warranty anyway and are sending me a new one today.  Oh, and to register the new one for the new warranty.  

I know they bought Green Mountain coffee and they make their money selling coffee but still, that is amazing to me.  Kudos Keurig!  This is NOT a paid post, just a true tale!  All is well at my house again...


  1. Yay! They replaced mine, too. But after just a couple of months this one isn't doing too great. It doesn't always give me a full cup. I should call them. :)

    big hugs xoxo

  2. Just got off the phone with Keurig. They're sending me out a new brewer today. It's stinks that it has so many problems, but at least they do stand behind them. I get a new 12 month warranty with the new one, too. Woohoo!

  3. Now that's a company that stands behind their products. I love this post.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  4. I love it when companies stand by their products!!
    Curious, Bee, do you run vinegar through your machine to de-scale it? Does that work?
    I've tried all kinds of stuff, and it seems that over the years... the machine starts to not function
    the way it used to, and eventually stops filling cups to the selected level. Not to mention how slowly
    it drips into the cups. Very frustrating.

    Would love to hear what you do. :)

  5. Awesome customer service. I hear lots of wonderful service stories from that company. It would be a good case study for any business student!

    Yay for Keurig!

  6. Bee, That is what we all want...service. That is amazing that they were so kind. you'll be a faithful consumer to them , since they treated you so well. xo,Susie

  7. ha, ha. I've also had mine replaced too 3 times. I do love that I can make my own cup of coffee to my taste and others in the household can make their own too. I love that they stand behind their products, honestly if I had to purchase a replacement I would probably would look into considering other coffee makers so it's keeping their business to themselves for their coffee business and obviously there's a lot of money there!

  8. We bought ours last year in Florida and I think I registered it, but I don't know where I sent it. I'm just plain overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork in this World. It's nice to know when a company is reputable. I personally love Gingher Scissors....they will sharpen them forever. Hope my Rowenta Iron has a good policy. I love their irons (am on my fourth), but this one started leaking this week. I cannot quilt without a Rowenta.

  9. Customer service rocks there!

    Big hugs, honey...

  10. It's called good customer service - and they keep you coming back for the coffee.

    It's a trap - run, run fast, do not pass go, do not collect $200




  11. That's so nice. It gives me hope for my coffee maker. I have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew and to me it makes the best coffee. Last week the burr grinder stopped grinding the beans. Filled with optimism now, I'm going to call Cuisinart. Wish me luck!


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