Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday, my day off!

Don't look for me.  I'll be the one in the pool as long as I can stay there.  And I plan on taking my kindle and reading after that.  Finally!  It's been way too long since it's been nice enough.

Have a lovely Friday.  I will too!


  1. I'm betting they already know they're doing it. Surely if you all can see then you know the employees have also seen them.

    It's hard to wrap my mind around the blizzard my sisters are getting and your warmth and poolside reading. Yours is WAY better! Enjoy!

    big hugs xoxo

  2. Are the twins REALLY POOR as they have to stock up on food there?????

  3. Your twins remind me of Jerry's uncle from Seinfeld. Stealing the books from the store.

    They probably are loaded with lots of money and just do it for the high. Too funny!!!

    Glad you are having a pool day! We are having the complete opposite, a snow day! Hoping it holds off long enough for the afternoon commute home. We shall see.

  4. I get mad every time I read about the twins' behavior. Didn't this cause the rest of the group to have some of their amenities reduced last year? The bottom line is this hurts everyone because it costs the condo association money, and then your monthly fees go up. The majority of you should not be punished for the actions of these two.

  5. I wonder if they behave the same way when they enter a store? Or do they think that their dues makes them "entitled" to help themselves. Enjoy your pool day, I waiting to get hit by this epic snowstorm that's been named Nemo.

  6. Yay for pool time!!!!!! Enjoy the day!

  7. Good morning Bee and we are having a blizzard here and a lot of SNOW.
    Enjoy your pool my wet friend. I thought last year one of the twins was caught and told off. The people in charge of your place should be told about this and these thieves should be thrown out of the place. It's no longer a laughing matter to me, but I'm not there. Have to go out and start digging out of the snow. See you Bee.


  8. Bee, I hope you get to swim and enjoy yourself. Wow, the twins and their sense of entitlement. It's out and out stealing, and the rest of you are paying for what they take. Shame on them. xoxo,Susie

  9. I mean we are old ladies. We don't take our purses into the ladies room. Know what I mean? ......HA! You're so funny Bonnie!

  10. I don't even carry a purse anymore so I'd have a tough time being one of the twins. I wouldn't steal anyway, but they don't see it as stealing. They see it as they pay a high price to be there and they are going to get everything they are entitled to. That's the way they see things. Way too many of these folks in my view. I'm glad you are entertained by them. I still want a picture though.

    Have a fabulous day at the pool. Big hugs from cold and gloomy California. :)

  11. I just discovered your blog a day or so ago. I've read back to the beginning of January and noticed several mentions of the mysterious "twins". Are they quite wealthy? Very well off? I'm a litle confused and not up to speed. Are they stealing big ticket items? I know they're elderly, but do they also have mental problems, do you think? I'm a little concerned by some the "entitlement bashing" comments here....surely, peanuts, tea bags and the odd roll of toilet paper is hardly an example of "entitlement freeloaders". I know how much those senior condos, HOA fees, etc cost in sunny FL. Is is just possible the "twins" are struggling financially? Maybe I missed the boat here (very possible, since I don't know the whole story), but helping themselves to peanuts, tea bags and toilet paper doesn't seem worthy of the somewhat hateful comments here. I hardly believe two old ladies could steal enough peanuts and tea bags to cause a rise in HOA fees. I find it sad, myself.

    1. i will reply to this but wish you were not anonymous. there are many reasons though, if you live in a nice condo and belong to a private club with high dues do you really have to steal a tea bag? no. you do not. i just laugh about it and make it a joke. i am sorry if you don't like my sense of humor. that's all it is. wealthy? yes.

  12. Oh those twins. When are they going to learn? LOL!

  13. I hope everyone rats them out. What they are doing is wrong, theft, intent to defraud, plain and simple.
    Every member possibly partaking of some of the goodies when they are in the clubhouse is what is intended - the twins ripping large quantities off frequently to put in their purses is not. You aren't buying their foodstuffs for them.

  14. Bee,

    So glad you got some pool time. Sometimes I wish we could move to Florida and cruise more often, but all the kids are here.

    You box arrived today and Bethany didn't even notice her name on it...haha. So she waited until I got home to open it, so we both got to ooh and ahh and enjoy it. She said she would share some of the smaller stuff with me until she gets there. I am so very thankful to have her here, she is such a great help with James right now. He is getting better, but we have a ways to go.

    Thanks again for the HUGE box of goodies!! Big Hugs,


  15. When I looked at the thermometer in the car after lunch, I knew you were poolside! Oh those twins...oy. At least they are entertaining.

    Big hugs, honey...

  16. I do love your stories of the resident kleptos. They're amusing. I'm amazed they hear the message, but just don't care!

    And, ahem, I'm the color of that fairway because you're spending time in the pool. I'm spending time with a shovel in my hands. Still, this storm only left us about 5 inches of snow, which is nothing compared to the northeast.


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