Saturday, January 19, 2013

Embarkation day!

Finally it's time for some towel animals.  My posting from the ship will be whenever for the next eight days but I do think I'll post at least once a day, just not my usual times so check back if you don't use a reader.  

But first some things I want to talk about.  I was watching tv (big shocker) and I saw how dirty the bottoms of shoes are.  I have my floors steamed every other week by Steve and Jane but then everyone walks around with shoes.  I think I am going to stop that and have them taken off at the door.  I am very germ phobic (really really!) and I think this is a good idea.  Any thoughts?

Also I am very particular about my bathroom.  I have a second bathroom that anyone can use but my bathroom is mine.  Well as soon as Steve and Jane get there he goes into my bathroom and uses it.  Is there a tactful way to ask him to stop and use the other one?  

And while my brain is ranting about germs here's another annoyance of mine.  That woman I call Kaye is going to do what she is going to do come hell or high water.  For example she puts my bathroom mats in the dryer to freshen and fluff them because she likes how they look.  

Well Steve has been in there with his shoes on and now those germs are in my dryer where my clothes go next.  Yuck.  I am going to think about these things some in the next week and decide what to do about them and make whatever changes when I get back.  Your thoughts are much appreciated.  Maybe I am just a nut job.  Hey, don't answer that part, okay?

I ordered a pair of jeans online.  Another big shock, huh?  Anyway they fit and I can wear them.  This is the first pair I have ever been able to wear that are not the "pull on" kind.  They actually zip and button.  And they fit me!  Amazing.  Now that right there is motivation folks, it really is!

So now back to embarkation day.  I wonder why we embark a ship but not a car?  Anyway we're off and headed south.  Come along if you like.  I'll try to keep you entertained...


  1. About your bathroom... Put some of that blue toilet-cleaning stuff in the toilet in there, right before they come over... And make sure to tell them that you want to "let it soak for a few hours"... The only downside is, you'll have to clean that toilet yourself.

  2. The article you posted the link to said:

    Researchers found washing shoes in the washing machine on the cold cycle, with detergent, killed the bacteria. So for some shoes that might be an option. You can also wipe them with a disinfectant.

    I would bet that if cold water and a little detergent could kill the germs, than putting something in the dryer might also. You could spray the inside of your dryer with a disinfectant. That should do the trick.

    We always take our shoes off and leave them at the door. It doesn't stop all germs but most of them.


  3. Miss Bee... do NOT come to my house... like EVAH. You can not be germ-phobic and have cats. Those 2 things can not exist together. srsly. Plus I have to look at absolutely every dish, utensil, pan, etc. before I use it because my Dad is a rinser, not a cleaner. And he likes to cook and clean up after himself. And if I try to clean up for him he gets hurt and then he gets very cranky. It's a fine line I walk nowadays, let me tell ya!

    And you're paying these people... just tell them as-a-matter-of-factly. My sister Lynda worries about stuff like that, but not me. When you're paying someone to do something for you, it's your way all the way all the time, honey!

    My nephew Brian married Anna, who is Korean. In her family they have a mat outside the door to wipe your feet and a larger one inside the door to remove your shoes. Nobody minds one little bit.

    Cruise Time! WOOHOO!! WIWT! But you already know that! big hugs to everyone! xoxo

  4. It's your home and you pay the piper - just tell them what you want and do not want them to do and that's that. If you don't tell them they don't know do they? :)

    Can't wait to hear all about the cruise. x

  5. Dear, Darling Empress Nutjob. eliminating exposure to everyday "germs" can lead to a breakdown in your immune systems antibodies. This was medically proven many years ago, but germaphobia thrives, and people are getting sicker all the time.Dont go overboard please (not literally) or you may find your immune system napping or out to lunch for lack of having anything to do, when you need it! I am not against hand sanitizers in very public places, or around food. but dont go wack-a-doo on us! My only "thing" so far is not touching anything including the door handle when exiting a public restroom. come out like a TV surgeon.

  6. Bon voyage! Have awl default time!

    1. Awl default? Tools and computers? Tee hee! Love auto correct.

      Bee. Just be yourself.

  7. That said WONDERFUL when I typed it! how can autocorrect get awl default? wonderful, have a WONDERFUL time!

  8. Hi Bee,
    Bon voyage . . . have a wonderful cruise . . . and don't spend the next week thinking about the germs at home.

    We always take our shoes off at the door but so does everyone else I know. I think it must be part of the Canadian culture. I had a problem with my cleaning lady pouring the dirty water she had used to wash the floors down my kitchen sink. Eewww! I just had to tell her and she has not done it since. You're paying them so you get to set the rules.

    Happy cruising,

  9. See you this afternoon!!!!!!!!

    Real hugs then, honey...

  10. Just simply tell Steve to use the other bathroom. I don't want some man "splashing & spraying" all over my personal bathroom either. About the bath mats--I have never heard of such a thing--putting dirty bath mats into the dryer--without washing them first? Better just to shake them to fluff them up. C'mon Bee--you are a strong person--they work for YOU--YOU set the rules. I'm not a germophobe, but I agree with you. Have a great cruise!

    1. Dear Bee,
      Most definitely speak up. Your requests are very reasonable. Cleanliness is very important to me in my home as well.
      Personally, I would both speak to them, AND write up a list of what you want done/how you would like it.
      1) Please - no shoes in the house at any time. Please take your shoes off, and wear disposable protective booties with no-slip soles over your socks or bare feet (you can order them by the box on-line, look up 'disposable shoe covers')
      2) Bathroom to use is the guest bath, not the master bath
      3) Please always wash the bath mats separate from the clothes, and then fluff them in the dryer. Never 'fluff' dirty mats.
      4) etc., etc.

      I have off white carpeting at home. My carpet looks like new despite it being ten years old because I never allow shoes in the shoes in the house, and i always take mine off at the door.

  11. How will they mop and steam your floors if they can't wear shoes in the apartment? Their socks will get wet, and that would be nasty. I do agree about your bathroom only being used by you. That is why you have a guest bathroom! I also use the dryer to fluff my bath mats, but I won't in the future. Never thought about the dog hair getting into the clean dryer.

  12. I have a dog so don't come here either. That reminds me. I used your bathroom on the ship on BC4. I'm sure you had it cleaned to an inch of its life after I left. I didn't know this, but I do now and I'd make sure I used the right bathroom because now I know it's an issue. I think you need to politely tell the folks that are around about what you want in your home. It's your home.

    As for no shoes and shocking feet? Well, if they don't have athletics food or anything. Some peoples feet aren't all that clean either. I hate going into airports and having to take my shoes off. Just saying.

    Way to go on the jeans that zip up. Way. To. Go.

    Have a terrific day honey. I'm coming along as always. I wouldn't miss it. Big hugs from cold but sunny California. :)

  13. I once went over to a new friends house and she had a sign on the door that said: 'Stocking Feet Welcome'. Solved that.

    I think it's ok he uses your bathroon now that his shoes are off because they're not getting the rug dirty. Also solves her putting a dirty rug in the dryer. You can always just spray Lysol in your dryer when she leaves too.

    As far as Kaye is concerned I think you know she needs to go. How about you sugest meeting for lunch every two weeks (you'll treat of course) instead of her coming to clean.

    ~Lauren in Oregon

  14. Are you going on another cruise? I like that towel. And I am not sure you'd want to come here either - lol. Have a good weekend. sandie

  15. Well if Steve is the house keeper and uses your toilet right after he gets there doesn't he also clean it at some point? How can they steam clean your floor in stocking feet?Yes the bottoms of shoes are dirty!They were invented for that exact reason, to protect our feet against the elements. I have a brother and sister in law a lot like this. They wont touch money, touch anything that's dirty, house is spotless, won't eat beef because they are afraid of mad cow disease, washes their dishes in hot soapy water before putting into dish washer and then runs the dishwasher for two full cycles, etc.....and surprisingly they are the ones who are always sick. They have ruined their own immune systems. Isn't Kaye that same woman that was so good to Charlie when he was ill? I would maybe tolerate her and not fire her but I would tell her about not putting rugs in the dryer. I guess I'm amazed you can be this way and yet you go on cruises and sleep in beds that many others have slept in that may even have been contaminated with bed bugs or God knows what else. I once thought I would love for you to come to my house.Good Lord you would never set foot in here with all these germs from nasty little fingers of grandkids touching everything. LOL

  16. Hi Bee,

    I know you would not want to come to my house. We only have one cat, but as you know Ralph has the wheelchair...

    Fortunately I'm not germaphobic.

    Congrats on the zip-up jeans. :D

  17. I totally get the germaphobe thing, but we just don't have enough company to make me worry about it. If people come over when they're sick, it bugs me, but that's about it. We do have a stack of shoes by the door though, so people figure out pretty quickly that we're a "no-shoes" house. Most people ask when they first come in, and I don't really mind asking them to take off their shoes.


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