Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday and back to normal...

Wow I got through the three days of holiday parties and yesterday wasn't too bad.  We had a Mexican luncheon with the MahJong gals and I did pretty good with chicken fajitas and only eating the lower cal stuff and not the chips.  I will admit that I have felt bad since I had that Chinese food Tuesday night though.  I also gained four pounds which I know has to be fluid from the sodium but still, it's just not worth it to feel that bad for that long.  I will not eat it again.

Now back to normal today, I am having lunch at the club but I'll have my usual, half turkey sandwich without bread, cup of soup, sliced tomato.  Fills me up and delicious and I'll be good to go.  Then at cards I'll have coffee with milk for a snack.  The turkey they use is real roasted turkey, not the lunchmeat kind.

And so my friends I am tired to the bone now.  I'll rest up and have more soon.  Have a wonderful day, me too!


  1. Yeah on doing good at the partys. I get the Chinese thing. Love it but can not eat it now. I naturally retain water I loose the 10+ I gain on a cruise in a week because of salt. But also because it does not agree with me in high amounts. My husband gets it and I will steal a couple a forks of rice and either a chicken finger or a beef teriaki and be done. Just enough to enjoy but not enough to kill me. Then eat my dinner.

  2. I've been doing mostly low-fat, low-sodium soups for lunch and supper this week, and the turkey meatloaf the last 2 days... gained 1 pound. Ugh. Most of the soups are low sodium but the carbs from the stuffing... Oy. I'll be cutting the stuffing back a bunch next time I make it but I do love the turkey meatloaf idea! Cook once and lunch for the week!

    Have a lovely, normal day! big hugs xoxo

  3. I love Chinese food but it makes me feel bad too. :(

  4. Rest up and feel better!

    Big hugs from rainy Mayberry, honey...

  5. Yep, I can't do the Chinese anymore either. Makes me ill too, but it is so good while you're eating it. I rarely have it anymore. Rarely. Bugger. You did really well with the Mexican meal though.

    I've dropped a pound since I cut out the Lean Cuisine meals at night. I'm down to one each morning and you were right. The sodium wasn't doing me a bit of good. Thanks for letting me know.

    Have a terrific day and rest up. You are busy most of the time and it's good that you can rest here and there. Big hugs from FREEZING California. :)

  6. Bee, You are the good about knowing where to cut back. I will be getting on my exercise machine, after the holidays. I know there will be turkey and veggies for Christmas dinner...who needs noodles, potatoes , gravy, ham, did I say, who needs cookies? I do, I do.:):) That's my curse..cookies. If the cookie monster ever gets fired from sesame street, I can get that job.:):) So I just have to keep cookies and ice cream out of this house. xoxo,Susie

  7. I just heard on the radio this morning a report on how people can condition themselves to get by on less salt. We need some salt, of course, or we die -- but most people around the world, according to this report, take in 10 times more than necessary -- this is true across cultures, continents, men, women, everyone.

    The report said that, in controlled experiments, persons got acclimated to lower sodium diets in 4 to 8 weeks (in other words the food started to taste like food again) -- but I'd bet for you the Chinese food was Sodium Plus Plus. And the report said that people who'd gotten acclimated to a lower sodium diet had trouble if they went back to doing things the way they used to.

    Well, I thought it was interesting, anyway....

  8. You have a good rest and a great day too, dear Bee!

  9. Hope you feel better. I love real roasted turkey. Not a real lunch meat fan. Only exceptions are a reuben or pastrami sandwich.

    Rest up. the holidays get busy with all the socializing. And it saps up energy being "on" all the time. HUGS.

    We're preparing for Christmas and will be taking a blog break. But I'll still be making rounds.

  10. Ciao!!!
    You did so right with the Mexican meal, and your weight will turn to your normal diet, lunch and dinner outside are bad for a diet!
    Have a lovely afternoon!
    Big hugs!

  11. Busy baking here for our Relay for Life bake sale tomorrow. I have also started making homemade hard lotion. It's awesome!! I am using it as a fundraiser too. I will bring you one on the cruise. It makes my feet so soft.



  12. We stopped ordering Chinese from the local place around the corner at work as it made all of us feel pretty lousy. Surprisingly, I don't miss it at all.

    Hope you're feeling more energetic tomorrow on the shortest day of the year but the good thing about that is, once we get past tomorrow, the days start getting longer again rather than darker. Yay!

  13. I haven't had Chinese in awhile. There's only one close local place and I'm not overly impressed with them so it's not really on my radar. Which I guess is a good thing.

  14. Isn't it interesting how quickly our bodies can get used to feeling really great and working on decent food? Since early summer we have done our best to cut out all processed foods. It makes it tough when Bet and I stay too long in town or have to go in a hurry without eating or packing our own food. But even when we eat something that makes us remember why we are eating only real food, it doesn't take long to get back to feeling good.


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