Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some more on food...

Okay some of you asked me about the roasted vegetables.  I thought I wrote about it before but I might be wrong.  If so, skip this if you want.  

I use non stick foil, spray it, add whatever vegetables I want to use at the time and spray the top of them.  Add a tiny bit of salt and as much pepper as you like.  I roast them for one hour - the first 25 minutes at 425 and the last 35 minutes at 350.  

The reason I turn down the oven is when I put in the chicken breasts they roast at 350 for 35 minutes.  Everything is done at the same time then.  I hope this made sense.

The photo above does not have mushrooms but I usually add them too.  Red peppers are good, celery, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions of course and really whatever else you like.  This pan is about 3 meals worth for me.  I know I told you I like a lot of food!  They do shrink down some when they cook.  They go from brobdingnagian to normal.  (That's a Sheldon word.)

Last night I had leftovers so I don't have anything new to show you today.  Soon I'll be cooking again.

So yesterday I subbed in a canasta game and I won ten bucks!  I'm playing next Saturday too.  

And they were having an auction upstairs at the club.  They had a bunch of stuff from drug busts and stuff like that.  Of course we went and looked before cards.  I found a gold rolex with 8 carats of diamonds with a minimum bid of $15000.  You have no idea how close I came.  It was appraised at $80000.  It was bee-u-tee-full!  I mean really beautiful.  But then I though, where in the world do I go to wear it?  So, sadly, I walked away and went downstairs to the card room and that was the end of that.

Today it's Publix and if it's not too cold swimming but I'm doubtful.  I'll just walk more.  Hope your Sunday is lovely.  I know mine will be!


  1. Those veggies look so good. I love veggies but have never roasted them==I usually just steam cauliflower, onions, carrots and celery together.

  2. OMG You used a Sheldon word! I KNEW I LOVED YOU FOR A REASON!!!

  3. Your roasted veg looks great. It is definitely one of our favorite ways of eating vegetables, for some reason it seems to lend itself to a big assortment instead of only one or two different veggies.

  4. hi dear, I'm alone, my Mum is dead 2 weeks ago, she was not ill, but God decided to stop her life, now my parents are together and I hope playing cards with your lovely husband...
    Happy new 2013!

    1. Sending love and peace to you Antoinetta.

      I love brussel sprouts roasted. Parsnips, too! The parsnips come out with a wonderful sweetness.

      Then for roasted sweet potato cubes I add a bit of chipotle pepper to give it some zing.

  5. Veg looks and sounds really good, I usually steam my veggies but I may try roasting them for a change.

  6. Love the Sheldon word! Have a great Sunday.

  7. Well, I sure won't be swimming today! haha! I haven't even worn a watch since I got my first cell phone about 17-18 years ago. I'm pretty sure it was a Timex. Since you walked away from the Rolex now you can go on a cruise instead! or 50!

    Have a lovely day, Miss Bee! big hugs xoxo

  8. Those veggies look yummy. I need to make some while I still have an oven.

    Big hugs from freezing Mayberry, honey...

  9. Thank goodness you walked away from that Rolex time piece. Good choice my thoughtful and lovely friend. Good veggies. We always eat a bunch of then every night with some fish or meat, small pieces.
    Last night I found my mother's wedding ring. She lost it last week and everybody has bee looking for it but to no avail except last night I tore her place crazy and I found it. She's for getting many things now and I'm very happy that I was able to find it. It was making me crazy and now I'm back to happiness. Just a few days left Bee.


  10. Love the roasted vegetables. I roast EVERY vegetable now. So much better than steaming or (gasp) BOILING!
    Who is Sheldon?
    Just wonderin'.

    1. Oh ... THAT Sheldon ...
      I google.
      The end.

  11. Can you ask them to turn the heat in the pool up to 90 degrees, Bee?
    Maybe if you offered to pay the difference in the heating bill for that several degree difference (which really shouldn't cost all that much per month, should it?) , they would be willing and then you could enjoy your swims regardless of the weather?

  12. I'm going to make those soon. I haven't cooked in ages because of the holidays and being sick so I think it's time I start cooking again.

  13. I'm really glad that you did not buy an ex-drug dealers rolex!


  14. Hubby and I are going to make these veggies too. He's already got your recipe and I'll shop for the veggies. They look so good and I've not done them in the oven before. I think we'd both like them better this way. Thanks honey.

    Yep, where would you wear a %15k watch? I would have passed it up too. I'm sure it was beautiful though.

    We are off to the boat this afternoon to ring in the new year. The sun is out, but it's COLD. We're going anyway.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  15. I went and bought a ton of veges and the nonstick foil and am making a tray tomorrow for New Years eve---total yum!!!!
    Hope you are havnf a fab Sunday!!!!

  16. Those vegetables look absolutely delicious and easy-peasy, too! I bet if I leave off onions, I could even get Amanda to eat them! I like Jean's additions of brussels sprouts and parsnips, too and this would be the perfect way to cook them! When you have them again, do you simply reheat them in the microwave or do you put them back in the oven at a low heat for a bit?

    Hope it warmed up some for you down there today; it was darned cold up here with over a foot of snow on the ground - ugh! I am so NOT a winter person but I do love New England the other times of the year!

  17. I have got to make those veggies. I do know that you posted that before, but I am grateful for the reminder. I must do it! It's getting tough to get fresh, edible produce these days. I bet roasting them would help with flavor and mask the un-freshness of those that have travelled far to make it to our store shelves these days.


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