Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday at my house is pink!

First off let me say yesterday was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Dinner at the Fern House was wonderful and I did NOT overeat.  I started by fixing a small plate and thought I'd have a second one but found when I was finished the first one I was no longer hungry at all.  Chuck got me a 1/2 slice of pumpkin pie and I only ate two bites of it.  Win/win.  He also sent me home with some turkey so I could have a turkey sandwich in the evening.  We talked about Sarge for a bit and brought up some good memories and it was really nice.

Now on to the next thing...  I can't seem to decide what to do for the family for the holidays this year.  For years now we gave them all a cruise but I don't feel like I can do that now for 19 people since I am not getting Sarge's retirement that he set up for me to receive.  Being away and not really knowing what to get them I guess it will be cash.  I hate that though, so impersonal and then you never get to know what anyone does with it anyway.  Gift cards?  Blech.  Any great ideas out there? And Ayla don't read them so you can be surprised!  Ha.

We really liked the cruises because it was a time when we could all get together and just have fun as a family with no phones or business or interruptions, just fun.  

For those of you that know, the duck is doing better.  He had an issue with his thyroid and had to have some scans and tests and is now on a medication to control it.  He talked about it on facebook so I'm sure it's alright to put it here.  Dr. Wacks told him he has Graves Disease.  He said he'd be sure to look after him while I am gone next week too.  Chuck is one of his favorite patients, he told me that.

I finally decided that I like the new Blogger.  Finally.  You know, old dogs and new tricks and all that.  

Hope your Friday is lovely.  And that you don't have too much to do.  And that you have some fun today...  me too! 


  1. We give ours cash as their main present but I buy a small gift to wrap up for Christmas day, they seem to appreciate the cash so they can buy something they really want. I guess yours will miss the cruise but hey they will still love you. :)

  2. I'm afraid I have no idea what to suggest since our family doesn't exchange gifts for the adults. We just do the babies. The SisterDears do a sister trinket and I do a stocking for my parents. Simple Christmas.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the day yesterday! I'm glad Chuck's feeling better. I can see how he'd be a favorite! He's such a good guy. :)

    My scale says no problem from yesterday... at least so far. )

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. I knew you and OCD would have a fine time. Another milestone over. It is the thought that counts on any gift. Just remember that.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. I am glad your day was manageable. Sorry to hear OCD is having some struggles. I hope he is feeling better super fast.

    You could always ask the family to make a list, and you can pick a few things from the list, have it wrapped and shipped from online stores. They won't know what from the list you are sending, you get to have some fun shopping online and they get a special treat from Grandma. Just an idea... We used to do it that way. Now we only buy for the littlest kids. But I still do something for the grownups, scratch off lotto tix for the guys and a bag of avon goodies for all the gals. This year the bag is HUGE and included Scentsy and a matted print from my collection. I love breaking the rules and making them smile as they dig through their bags. :)

  5. Pink Friday sounds good to me! At my house I think it will be red and green Friday. Two of my children are still here and are going to bring my Christmas decoration up from the basement! So glad you had a good day yesterday, after all. Have another today.

  6. Sorry that Chuck has Grave's disease :( but I'm glad it is not anything worse. Glad your turkey day was good.

    I have the same dilemma for the holidays. I have 5 teens to buy for. (including my two). They don't even know what they want but I hate giving gift cards. (I have two of my sons sitting on my dresser from last year that he still has not used). Bottom line, I have no advice (Sorry) but cash is always a happy gift for the recipient.

    Thank goodness my sister has a cute 3 year old that I can still buy toys for!

  7. Good morning Bee. I got up early this morning to go and get my blood test. Now and I wait until the results.
    I don't think your family will worry about it. The thought that you care is it. Whatever they get from you they will enjoy because it comes from you Bee. Maybe it they all get together they could possibly take you for that cruise and that way you all could still be together. They have to realize things have changed with Charlie not there anymore. LOVE is what is there.
    Say hi to Chuck from me. See you my lovely and thin friend.


  8. Yeah, taking 19 people on a cruise is CRAZY. I mean, I guess that means Pop Pop was crazy, but in a good way. :] I will miss seeing everyone, for sure, but I am so glad we all have those memories!

    Okay I won't read any of the comments posted before or after me...

  9. I pretty much ate what I wanted to yesterday and gained a half pound. I don't care. I even had that small slice of pumpkin pie and it was fabulous. The half pound will be gone tomorrow. I'm glad you did so very well. Excellent.

    I'm thrilled that your day went better than you expected. That's always a plus.

    I've not a clue about Christmas gifts for everyone either. I do money because mine need the money. They buy groceries and put gas in their cars. Yep, it's that bad.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Bee. I worked all week and am quite behind in my reading. I'm sure you'll come up with a solution for family gifts.

  11. Bee, So glad you had a good thanksgiving. As for, a cruise. Whenever I get a gift certificate, I always tell the person what I got with it. I give my family money, it's easier than shopping, cheaper in the long run too. I tell them to buy something they want or need. We usually tell the children to give us gift certificate at restaurants. Then we can eat out any time we like. It helps them and us. Good for you with your eating plans. Your stomach has shrunk, it takes less to feel satisfied.xoxo, Susie

  12. Ciao!!!

    No idea what to do, I used to make sewing things, or crochet, now I wait my son tell me what the children wish, I give him money, so he can buy and useful things!

    I was so busy, tomorrow is "open day" at the school, and I baked two onions pie and two zucchini pies...

    I wish you a great we

    ig hugs!

  13. Maybe you could swing the deposit down, and if they want to go they can pay the rest. I'd hate to mess with tradition!

    -Lauren in Oregon

  14. I'm glad you and chuck had time together yesterday. All this talk about leftover turkey. I like turkey. Turkey is good.

    As for the family, I understand. Can you give each family some money to do an activity together? That's what I did for my brother and nieces. I gave them cash to do a night out like a dinner/movie. I'll probably do the same again.

    Glad to hear Chuck is okay as well. I know that the other diagnoses could have been scary. Thankful that this one is treatable.

    Big hugs from cold, wet, overcast Washington.

  15. Well gifts cards and money pretty much sum it up as for what my kids and grandkids want. I never give money though. I get them gifts cards for stores I know they shop at and I always get them some other gift to supplement it. All the girls and women in my family love body sprays and lotions from Bath and body so they get a set of that and a gift card. They are happy. The guys get cologne or whatever else it is I think they want with their gift cards. The little kids (younger than a teenager) get toys and games and no gift cards. Doing it this way allows me to do a little shopping and still give them their beloved gift cards...hahaha

  16. Chuck is in good company--Momma and Daddy George H. W. Bush also have Graves disease.


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