Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday funday...

Well buggers it was even windier yesterday.  Nice and sunny but the wind howled all day long.  It's coming from some storm in the Atlantic I hear but it is on my last nerve.  I want to swim and it's like an ocean in there. 

So Daniel came by yesterday with Jane to go over some more things and now they will price it out and give me drawings.  Some things I told them were my three concerns.  1. budget, 2. comfort, and 3. pretty.  The colors I told them I liked were a celedon green and pink and white.  I think I will probably give up on the purple bedroom because the apartment is only 1400 sq. feet and I don't want to get "too much" going on in here.  I want it restful and pretty.  That might be a jarring change to go from one room to the other.

Daniel did this room.  The reason I am showing it to you is the moulding with the pink is what I want and the green on the walls.  Not the furniture or tables, just the walls.  

Also I am not planning on doing anything in the kitchen at all.  The whole thing was redone 12 years ago and there is a new washer/dryer, fridge, and dishwasher.  The stovetop and oven are like new too.  They are all white and the cabinets are oak.  It's not beautiful but it's okay and it functions well.  I thought about opening it up with a granite bar between the kitchen and dining room but I know they are running twenty grand to make those changes and nope, not gonna' happen here.  Plus I'd lose cabinets.  They are beautiful but still no.

Today I go to the Walmart with the duck.  He's having some issues with what John Heald calls "carpool tunnel" syndrome.  Dr. Wacks has him is an arm thingy to hold it still.

Hope this wind stops so I can swim too.  Have a lovely Sunday.  I will, whatever I do!


  1. Well, you can never go wrong with reds, greens and creams, I always say. It reminds me of Christmas and family and home. Those 3 colors are my absolute favorite. From the deeper shades to the mid-tones to pale wisps... it's hard to beat the combination of that trio.

    IMHO. It's what works for me. I tried stepping outside of that comfort zone once and it wasn't pretty. Literally. haha!

    I did my Walmart run yesterday. Say hello to Chuckie duck. Give each other hugs from me! xoxo

  2. I am so excited to see what Daniel comes up with for your new look apartment. I hope you manage to get in the pool today Bee. x

  3. I'm b-a-c-k! Just finished reading about your comings and goings the past few weeks. You have been busy!
    I love designing. The first house Wally and I bought got a major facelift, floor-to-ceiling. I'd never done that before and it was a blast. I even got to buy all new furniture. We'd been there about three months when the pipe under the kitchen sink burst, and ruined my new wood floors, we had a sunken living room, and of course it filled with water

    1. The hose from my kitchen sink to the refrigerator broke and my kitchen floor has been ruined. The insurance company sent a check ... but I don't think it will cover the work we need done (lift the granite counter top ... remove the cabinets ... new tiles ... YIKES!)

  4. (My comment stuck!).

    All the furniture had to be replaced or reupholstered, the carpet had to be taken out and dried and reinstalled. The feet of my antique sideboard split --- and on it went! My precious husband tole me it could've been worse, as it could've been a fire.
    Well, I know that won't be your results!!! Enjoy yourself...

  5. Hi Auntie Bees!
    Fuzzy hugs & happy deckoratin!

  6. I love the pink stripe under the molding ... and I love the green. Very girlie!
    The BEST news is that you are WALKING!!! It's all about the weight loss.
    Maybe you would like to start training for 60 miles with me next year!!!

  7. I cannot wait to see the after pictures! Keep the pics coming, Empress!

  8. The decorator did a fabulous job on the room (picture) you showed. I think the pink and green will be girly. Hope the wind eases up there. It just finished raining here again. Thinking of you at the walmart..LOL. Take care. xoxo, Susie

  9. I love that touch of pink! It wouldn't work in my home but I can still like it.

    I sure understand having 3 primary concerns. We've been living with fabric samples before ordering furniture. Our concerns with furniture have been 1) comfort, 2) durability and 3) color/design that we aren't going to grow tired of quickly. Hubby and I know what we like and a trendy minded salesperson isn't going to convince us otherwise. The most that will do is lead us to another store.

  10. How fun. I'm sure that you'll love what they whip up. I'm about ready for some redo in our home. We bought it brand new in 2001. Things just start to look well...old.

    Have a terrific day honey. I hope the winds take a hike so you can enjoy the pool again. Big hugs. :)

  11. I love the pale green walls wight eh pink stripe and white moulding. So chic! Could you do lavender in your bedroom instead of purple? I am sure whatever Daniel dreams up will be lovely.
    Hope that wind lets up today! Enjoy yourself anyway.

  12. Durn auto correct! Am sure I typed "pale green walls with the pink stripe"!
    At least that is what I meant to type...

  13. Ciao!!!
    I hope your Sunday is not windy, and you can have a great day with the duck!
    I like the walls, they are very fine, and your furniture are just right for those colors!
    Have fun!

    Big hugs!

  14. Very pretty and girly. I think you'll love it. Good luck.

    Big hugs, honey...

  15. I just noticed that you hit the 70 pound weight loss mark. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  16. Sorry Bee. I never spent time in the computer today except to mark my eating plans for the day. Now after AmyLynn is finished with the computer I'm now in it. We've had a lot of rain today with much wind. I've lost 17 lbs now nowhere near your 70 lbs. How fantastic my lovely friend. Since you got me into this wonderful weight thingy, I'm learning so much about calories and such. I was in a store yesterday and every time I looked at something, I had to check on how many calories there were. That's new to me but very great to be able to do it. You've changed me into a new thoughtful man. Thank you Bee.
    See you tomorrow.


  17. I like the walls with the pink stripe by the moulding ~ very pretty!

    Been thinking and wearing pink these days for October, or Pinktober, as someone dubbed it.


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