Monday, October 29, 2012

Sometimes you just have to speak up! (y'all)

Jane (Daniel's assistant) came in with this look for the living room.  I stewed for a day or two and then took an entire day to compose an email to them saying I just didn't like it (in kinder words).  I think we're getting back on track now.  I don't know why I was so worried about hurting their feelings but you know how artistic people are so sensitive.  Anyway I think we are fine and going forward, I outlined exactly what I wanted and what I had that I could live with and what I wanted to spend and we'll see what happens next.

The Walmart was particularly dreadful yesterday.  First of all the duck was not feeling well so I went by myself and every nutjob out there must have had the same idea I had - to go at that moment.  Anyway I finally got it done and I was shaky hungry so I got a 6" subway (turkey, no mayo, no cheese).  It was really good, I haven't had a sub in months and months.

Then it was time to go swim.  As I went down there wrinkly radio guy was coming out and said not to bother, the water was 63 degrees!  Yikes!  No way for me!  I'll talk to the building manager today about turning on the heater.  The air was warm enough so I was really disappointed.

So I came upstairs and cooked up a storm.  I made pumpkin muffins with spice cake (90 calories each), fat free turkey chili, and turkey stuffed peppers.  I froze several meals and have several in the fridge.  I also now have 22 muffins in the freezer!  I made the muffins slightly different this time.  One spice cake mix, one can of pumpkin, one egg, and one cup of water.  The texture is really nice.  Then I added up all the calories for all the ingredients and divided by 24, the amount it made.  Tits! Another good thing about the muffins is there is great fiber in pumpkin, very good for you.  Make some!

Today I don't have any appointments but there is poker tonight instead of tomorrow night.  That's good, it will give me something nice to do on my day off!  Oh, wait.  Never mind.

Have a lovely Monday y'all.  I will too.


  1. You have hired the design team and if the design or choices they made where not what you wanted, you need to speak up. You did perfectly, wrote the e-mail and stated what was wrong.
    (I always appreciated when my clients spoke up)
    After all you have to live in the home when they are done.
    It took six tries to get the blue I wanted painted under the eves of my home outside.
    You muffins sound so good but I find cake mixes are too sweet for me. I am now gluten and nightshade free so I can't have them anyway.

    Hope your pool gets warmer, I am turning off my pool heater soon. I will so miss walking in my pool. Best exercise ever !
    Your so lucky to have a heated pool in Winter.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. You're paying so don't worry about insulting. I went to Costco on Friday And the crowds were especially rude.

  3. I am glad you did speak up, you hired them and it is your money. There should never be an issue speaking your mind and helping change their vision to more towards yours! I am sure it is going to look fab when it is all done :) Hugs!!

  4. You should speak up! You're the client! Bugger to hurting their feelings, especially since that's not your intention. You must clearly convey the look and feel you want if you expect to get it, right?

    Me? I would need more than just these scraps of fabric to know if I'd love or hate something or before I could commit many dollars and the pain-in-the-a$$-ness that is the process of redecorating. HDTV has ruined me for that! haha! Because you know they now have these wonderful computer programs that do a whole room mock up. I do like that color palate; classic creams with rose and green accents, but where they'd be used and in what proportions can't be seen with a few scraps of fabric.

    I have to dash out to Walmart today as I never made it yesterday. I'm out of produce again, among other things.

    Have a lovely, wrinkly old radio guy-free day! big hugs xoxo

  5. Are you sticking with the pink and green? I know people opinions and advice can get really old, really fast. But I think you may get tired of that color combo quickly. Just sayin ;-)

  6. Wal-Marts seem to attract nutjobs; oh wait..we go there too. hahaha

    Those muffins sound delicious and easy to make. I could do that!

    To me that color combination looks bedroomy-y.

    But what do I know? I can't afford to redecorate a doll house at the moment. Someday..

    Have a fun Monday.

  7. As you're paying Daniel and his assistant you are right to tell them if you don't like what they come up with. Shame you couldn't get in the pool but you made the most of your time by doing all that cooking. :)

  8. I bet I would like those muffins - I love pumpkin!

    purrrsss n xoxoxoxox Your Sammie Pie

  9. Good morning Bee. I'm surprised about the water temperature. It sounds like you were really cooking up a hurricane. ( I used that word for Sandy ) I hope all the hurricanes will be finished before you go for your cruise.
    Mary Lou is out with my mother this morning. These two women really enjoy one another. I'm happy about that. Well that's about it from me.


  10. No matter what they come up with, you have to speak up and say what you need to, don't think you'll be okay later with something you don't absolutely love. You've hired them to come up with your perfect room.

  11. Buongiorno!

    I hope you can get a warmer pool today!
    The muffins are so nice, I must bake them too!
    Have fun and luck at poker!

    Big hugs, honey!!!

  12. Bee, Too bad you didn't get to swim...they need the heater up a bit, that sure would help. Walmart..yikes!!! It is getting harder and harder for me to go there. Those pumpkin cupcakes seem easy enough. It's nice to have thing that you can warm up when in a pinch . Take care, have fun at cards. xoxo, Susie

  13. I'm glad you spoke up. It's your home and you have some idea of what you are looking for. Go for it and don't settle for anything less.

    The muffins sound really good. Really good and so does that turkey sub. Good for you.

    Wal*Mart is just like you described. Exactly like you described. Now you know why we won't step a foot inside their door. Oh and you need to speak Spanish here.

    Go here to read about you:

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  14. The muffins sound delicious! Brilliant idea to freeze them so they don't get nibbled all at once. I can't bear to shop at big megastores like Walmart. There is NEVER a good time to go to stores like these, except maybe after midnight (which I have done). I go to Costco once every 2 months and pick up perishable things at local small markets every few days.

  15. Appreciate the updated muffin recipe. I am going to make some for my jewelry party this coming weekend. Yum! Hope they get the pool warmed up for you quite soon. Hugs!

  16. I visit Walmart a lot, because it is the closest big store to us in a 35 mile area. Always full, always interesting people, and never enough checkouts open!
    Saving the muffin recipe for later. Jumping back on the bandwagon, and going to be a little stricter on myself this time around. Have an amazing afternoon, ~Sandy~

  17. They're probably not so artistic that they would refuse your suggestions and your check both.

  18. Bee, the designers expect it. They know you won't like the whole thing. This will be an ongoing dialog. Once they edit their choices based on your advice, it will be fine.

    Costco is our Walmart here. Everyone and anyone. Always a madhouse. not like Costco in TN!

  19. I used to watch Trading Spaces and some of those designers can come up with some hair brained ideas. One woman was almost in tears when she saw her room. Good for you for letting them know you didn't like it.
    Those muffins sound good. When you use the pumpkin is it the small can or the big one

  20. Your muffins sound yummy. I so love pumpkin this time of year. Good for you for telling them that was not what you wanted.

    Big Hugs,


  21. I am here from Ann's to Sandee's to you! How are you? Come and visit me too. sandie


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