Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday is (still) my day off!

So there is why the pool was closed yesterday, they were painting the cement part above the tiles.  It's supposed to be windy but nice today so I'll be in it for sure.   It's getting cooler at night now (mid 70's) and that means the water is cooler.  I don't know when they'll turn on the heater but I'm sure not yet.  I hope the water doesn't cool off too much.  

The political calls are coming fast and furious now.  Last evening I actually had one (among many) that when I said "hello" he said "do you know what I am sick of?"  Any guess what my answer might have been?  Aside from ending his sentence with a preposition he ticked me off with the attitude.  I know what I'm sick of for sure.  Calls like his.  Enough, get this danged election over and may the best candidate win.  I already did my voting by absentee.  I don't like to go get in line.

On an "up" note (a very up note!) as the snow birds come back and see me they are all telling me how great I look.  Now I know I don't look great but I do look thinner.  A lot thinner actually.  Remember they left last March.  Anyway it's nice to have the reinforcement and it sure helps me continue.  My walking now has much better posture too.  I love that.  I was a bit stooped before but not now.

I might be able to have lunch with the duck today also.  Possibly and hopefully.  Anyway whatever my Friday brings me it will be lovely.  I declare it so.... and for you too!


  1. If I get unwanted calls I just put the receiver down on the coffee table and let whoever it is talk to that whilst I watch TV. LOL

    I'm sure your friends mean it when they say you look 'great' - because you do!!!

  2. I don't get the political calls. Thankyouverymuch. Unless those toll free calls that I answer by pushing Green Button-Red Button in quick succession are political. :)

    NSV! It does feel good to have someone notice your progress, for sure! But the really important part is knowing you're doing something good for yourself and actually feeling better!

    I should sign up for absentee voting. I go as soon as the polls open so it's not usually all that crowded, but still.

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. Bee, You are looking great...if your posture is better and your health is really good. You have exercised and watched your diet. Give yourself credit girl. xoxo, Susie
    p.s. The Sarge pumpkin story was sweet.

  4. " Are you crazy, 70 is cool at night? Sorry I said that Bee. I would never call you crazy my lovely friend but last night our temperature was 29 degrees and that is freezing. I would have loved to have a 70 right now. " Now that's over I can begin.

    Good morning Bee. I feel bad that you couldn't go into the pool ( I've taken the ice off of the water )
    I must be going crazy today. It has to be what occurred the other night. I was moving the dryer because the new one was coming the next day and when I went to take out the plug from the wall I accidentally got a small electric shock. Well it was more then a small one. I guess my ears light up. I'm OK but it scared Mary Lou ( and myself )
    Maybe I felt like when you have your fish oil. I feel raring to go and no place to go.
    Guess what? Mary Lou and I do have some where to go. We are going to Windsor 1. to pay for our cruise 2.find a new front door handle 3. Costco 4. Staples ( I need new things to put into my computer ) and hopefully have lunch. See you soon my lovely friend.


  5. Enjoy your day off. I'm happy you're hearing such nice things from the newly-arrived Snowbirds. Just one problem... if the Snowbirds are migrating, that means that up here in the northern latitudes... that means....


    I just can't say it. Too soon. Too soon.

  6. Dear Bee,
    Can you ask the people in charge to turn the pool heater on now? Maybe they forgot that the water is getting colder already.

    70 pounds is MUCH much thinner, and glad that in addition to all the other health benefits, your posture has improved too. You have really turned things around for yourself, and very few people do that. It is very impressive, and I am enormously proud of you!

    Please do post lots of pictures of how your redecoration goes. Big crown molding, baseboard and window casings make such a difference! Plus everything else he and you are planning.

    ((HUGS)) on your day off:)

  7. I'm ready for this election to be over too. We are sick to death of all the calls and the polls. We just hang up. Won't be bothered by this for the next 13 days as we won't be home to answer the phone. I like that.

    Yep, you do look wonderful. I'm so proud of you.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from cold and cloudy California. :)

  8. Early voting begins Monday, so we will do so. Not getting many calls here. If I think the number calling is a krap call, I let it go to VM and don't answer.

    I am smiling at your compliments. Of course you look great!

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. when I saw this yesterday my first thought was you had a seal at your pool. LOL


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