Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday is "hair" day!

I took this photo in the mirror so you could see I am still losing weight.  Actually I think that top is making me look bigger in the middle than I actually am!  Anyway I feel wonderful and if I stay just like I am now I'll be happy but according to everything I hear and read (and am told by Dr. Wacks) I need to go down 30 more pounds.  Okay, okay.  Btw, I go see him again on Monday so I'll tell you what he says then.  And then I go to the dentist.  Who the heck made both of those appointments in one day?  Some nutty person, that's who.  But that's three whole days away so I won't fret about it now.

Today I plan on swimming in the morning and getting my hair done this afternoon.  I never did get in the pool yesterday, by the time I got home from Canasta the siren was going off on the golf course meaning lightening so I just came upstairs and ate dinner.  And watched tv and played on the computer and read.  I finished Defending Jacob and I did like it.  Now I am looking around for a new book.  

I saw one of the twin's husbands yesterday so I guess it's time for them again although I have not seen either of them so far.  Snow birds are flying south.

Have a lovely Friday y'all.  I will too...


  1. Oh No not the twins again... they were banned from the game rooms at the end of last year right ?
    I hope the ban holds, think of all the money the Board will save.
    Plus how could they want to return ?

    cheers, parsnip

  2. do you think the big bird twins will go away if (WHEN!) Mitt wins?? haha, if you lose thirty more pounds you will definitely look like your mom, I see it already. Please dont go too far. I have read medical stuff that says a woman who goes into her later years with some meat on her bones is able to handle illness better and recover quicker that a person without an extra 10 pounds or so over ideal weight

  3. which means I should be able to survive the apocalypse!

  4. You're looking great Bee! Have the twins not been banned??? I hope they don't get up to their old tricks again.

  5. You look absolutely amazing!!

  6. You look gorgeous! It's time for the twins already! It seems like they just left.

  7. I love your outfit and of course, you look absolutely marvelous!!!

    My bike arrives today and I plan on kicking my plan up a notch starting this weekend. Everyone keeps warning me about being careful riding the bike around the neighborhood - carry mace, wear a helmet... Sheesh, these are the same people who walk around the neighborhood. Why does riding a 3-wheeler make it more dangerous? I have no idea. But ride I shall! After I get it put together which should be interesting. I hope my little tool kit has the right tools in it! HA!

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  8. These snowbirds wont arrive till just before fthat pesky cruise.

    Tell JJ hi. Big bugs, honey...

  9. Follow the food crumbs out of the clubhouse. You'll find the twins!

  10. The twins! Too funny thinking about them.

  11. I am so glad you FEEL wonderful. That is the best thing about getting healthier. Hope you can get in the pool this morning and then enjoy getting your hair cut. It always gives me a boost to get my hair looking good. Have a wonderful weekend, and watch out for those twins!

  12. The twins are back? Batten down the ash trays! Hide the chips!

  13. Oh no, the kleptomaniacs are back! Glue down the peanuts, buy styrofoam cookies for the table and hide the napkins!

    It'll be a busy doctor day Monday but then the rest of the week and the month ahead should be relaxed. Almost better to get it over with in one day.

    Your weight loss is amazing, Bee. I bet you'll get those additional 30 pounds off by the end of 2013 easy, the way you have been so disciplined.

    I hope you are very proud of yourself and your consistent efforts. You deserve enormous praise for that sort of willpower. You're definitely due for some new slim line tops:)
    Surely that doesn't count on the shopping ban does it? Because the shopping ban is for un-necessary things, right? And if you give way your size __ in exchange for several new size __ well, that's a wash, right?


  14. OH MY GOD BEE. After seeing this new photo of you I went to my photo of you went we first met and man are you a doll. Congratulations on what you've done. Charlie is probably looking down from heaven and saying, you is that beautiful woman? Now I know that I'm can stay with this program because after seeing you it works. I don't know what to say but WOW!
    I wish I had that doctor that you have. He sounds like a wonderful man. Mary Lou & I are going to Windsor this morning to once again finding a new door handle. See you you lovely individual. Bye.


  15. You look fabulous honey. I'm so proud of you. You've done so well and Sarge is proud of you too.

    The twins? Oh boy there will be lots of blog fodder with those two. Bless their hearts.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  16. Ciaooooooo!!!
    You look very good...younger and healthy!!!
    I hope that the twins have done a therapy, so they can be honest now!!!
    have a lovely Friday!


  17. Not the twins! Oh no! You look beautiful, Bee!

  18. Bee you have always been beautiful inside and out, but you are really shining. I agree about the top, it makes you look bigger, quick head to Coldwater Creek and do some shopping. They have such beautiful colors. Just think of the good you do in donating the clothes to less fortunate people. Call it a tax deduction and it's a win win.

    Big Hugs,


  19. Who's this skinny legs? ;)
    If you are looking for a good read, try Gone Girl. Hearing great thinks about it. Starting to read it myself.
    Have a great weekend, Ms. Bee!


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