Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday and I'm off today!

This is my political statement.
You cruisers will get it! Ha!
The end.

Boy howdy I won big at canasta yesterday, thirteen bucks!  Yee haw to that!  Usually it's not nearly that much.  I seem to be on a streak this week, don't I?  I keep meaning to write down my winnings and losings but never remember to do it.  Maybe there's an app for that! ha ha

So today I am off as you know and it shall be a lovely day for me.  I have plans to go in the pool and exercise and then sit in a lounge chair to dry and read my book (Gone Girl) and then see if the duck is around for lunch maybe.  The car needs washing too, maybe I'll get that done too.

Then I also plan on going over to the gym and seeing about that and deciding what I want to do there.  I still have to be very careful of my right hip.  I want to talk to the trainer and see what he has to say about it.

My next door neighbors are back from New York for the winter.  I can hear their tv in my kitchen, it's hung on our adjoining wall.  I don't really mind because I'm not in there all that much and they are very nice neighbors so I shut up.  More and more snow birds are coming now.  Lots of hugs and glad you're back stuff.  I'm not really, I like it when it's so quiet here but I do like lots of the people.

I think I said this before but it bears saying again.  I am happy.  I do get lonely and miss Sarge every day but he made me a comfortable life and wanted me to enjoy it and I am!  It's been a bit over eight months now.  I do still talk to him most every day and that gives me comfort too.  I hope he can hear me and know that he did so good for me.  

Here's hoping your Friday is as good as mine because mine is going to be totally tits!


  1. Hello on Friday, dear Bee.
    Congratulations on your winnings!

    'Gone girl' is an excellent book. I loved it, and the suspense and surprises are great. It's fun to read something that keeps my attention! Would like to know what you think after you finish it.

    You are very tolerant about noise, the neighbors are lucky to have you.

    I am glad you are happy and having a comfortable life with things you enjoy doing. That is very very very good.
    And Sarge must be pleased to hear of it too. I suspect you will talk to him for the rest of your life here, and then in the afterlife too:)

    ((big hugs))

  2. That is the choice isn't it, you like having more people but it is noisier.
    The Square Ones send woofs and chkikin' strips !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. if you do decide to start using the gym, I would say that you should start super slow. Maybe with some stretching upper body stuff and lay off any treadmills and "spinning". Cardio is good, but usually involves the legs mostly. Maybe loosen up in the pool and then fifteen minutes or so on some flexibility stuff to start, maybe tone your arms and shoulders. Dont risk a setback from pain. I have not met a trainer yet that knows what old, tired bones feels like!

  4. Well done on the canasta win. Good idea to see the trainer before starting off in the gym, they will be able to advise you what not to do with your hip. I'm so glad to hear you are happy Bee and I'm sure Sarge is watching you and smiling. x

  5. I am so glad you are happy! Truly. Sarge would love that. I'm quite sure he does!

    And Gone Girl is my next book, too! I've heard great things about it from 2 blogging buddies, so I got it. I absolutely hated The Casual Vacancy... couldn't even get past about 50 or 60 pages. Rubbish. Good riddance.

    I've only ever lived in one apartment and then only a few months. Shared walls can be a bother. Glad they're not too bad of a nuisance for you.

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  6. I've never been on a cruise and I get your statement, :-)

  7. I approve your photo:). And know that Sarge is smiling on your happiness...and well being. Except for that hip. Bugger.

    Have a great Friday. Big hugs, honey...

  8. I heard that Gone Girl was amazing.

  9. Bee, Bless your good heart. It's nice to hear you are happy. Hope your day is a great one. xoxo, Susie

  10. I double approve your photo. I nice statement indeed.

    I'm happy that you are happy and I know that Sarge knows you are happy. You two were meant to be together. Like Zane and I. Some things are just meant to be.

    Have a terrific day honey whatever you end up doing. After all it's your day off. Big hugs. :)

  11. Happy Friday!
    Fuzzy hugs

  12. Buongiorno!

    Sarge sure sees and provides for your good health and serenity! Be glad, he gave you safety for the future!
    Have a great Friday off!

    Big hugs!!!

  13. I like your political statement!

    I think I'd like it without too many folks around also but then again, I think I was a hermit in a previous life and just like solitude to crowds!

    Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. I heard on the news the other day that Florida has on track for its rainiest year ever so I'm glad that the weather is being nice for you today.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Sarge is watching over you and is happy that you're happy as well as glad that he was able to leave you in a good position in life so that you could enjoy it until the time you join him again - which won't be anytime soon I hope!!

  14. It's been a winning week! And I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

  15. Hi Bee. It's good to have a day off. Watch your hip my lovely friend. I want to see you soon on the cruise. It's nice that you talk to Charlie. I know he's listening to you. Once in awhile I go to the massoleum( no sure of the spelling , sit in a chair and speak to my dad just to let him know what is going on in our lives. Also I ask him for some help and I know he's listening to me.
    2012 is an expensive year for us. The other day the dryer died and the washer is next. I also need a new computer I was told my the guy that fixed my computer. My goodness, I still have 3 months to go in this year.
    Well I have to go to pick up a lawnmower that needed to be fixed. Oh well. See you Bee.


  16. Have a good and careful time at the gym. I really liked this post, I enjoyed hearing how you are doing, that you are happy.

  17. I love it that you still talk to him. I talk to my parents a lot.


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