Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday is my day off!

Hopefully it won't rain all day, the weather says 60% chance of rain so I plan on going swimming for the other 40%!  Plus I have to go to Publix for a few things and maybe the fruit stand.  I'll also see if the duck can get away for a short time for lunch.  That would be lovely.  He's been so busy lately.

Yesterday I won at canasta again.  Only two bucks but a win is still a win.

I got switched over to new blogger yesterday.  I don't like it yet but I'll try to keep an open mind and see if I can learn to use it.  Normally I don't mind change but it wasn't broken and oh well, onward and upward we go.  It happened a few times before but I was always able to change it back, well, not this time it seems.  The main thing I don't like is to see the whole line in the post as I write it I have to zoon out so far I can no longer read it so it's either keep going left and right on the line or get close to the screen.  Either way it's not working for me.

My new pillow arrived yesterday.  It's tempur-pedic on the inside and some sort of "cool" foam on the outside.  Don't know if I'll like it yet but I'll try it.  My old one was getting pretty sad.  I use a pillow with the contour for the neck, regular ones give me a stiff neck.  I always have trouble on a cruise with that.  I am wondering if I could somehow cut my old one to make it smaller and get it in my suitcase.  I'm going to try that too.

Gosh this is a boring post, sorry.  I'll go now and hope something more interesting happens, if so I'll let you know!  Have a great Friday.  Me too...


  1. I've had the new blogger for like... ever. I don't even remember the old blogger now. How sad is that? I have a hard time going backwards. Al handed me his old phone, which was my phone for at least 3 years before I got my first iPhone. It's a Blackjack. No touch screen. Buttons and menus. I could do a damn thing with it. I kept tapping and the screen and my brain could figure out why nothing was happening. Pathetic. srsly. Duhr.


    Have a lovely day. I hope you get to have lunch with the duckie. I'm going to try not to have a tornado today. :) big hugs xoxo

  2. Sorry about the typos. Not use to Al's keyboard. I guess I should have proofread it before I hit publish? oh well!

  3. We have a pillow kind of like you described. I bought them on amazon. Cool Touch, or Top Cool or something like that. I love it. Hubby's not so sure yet. Hope you enjoy yours. And I think that's a great idea to make a cruise one! :)

    Enjoy your day off. And your weekend!

  4. are new pillows exempt from shopping ban, or have you just blown it so bad it's over?? haha!

  5. We got some tempur contour pillows and my neck just before we went on holiday and my neck was improving. Being away for 16 days my neck was back to it's usual creaky self, but is improving again now I'm back on my contour pillow. Taking your old one on your cruise is a great idea!

  6. I got switched over to the new blogger dashboard too. I don't like it either, but I don't think they care if we like it or now. It's not user friendly in my view. I can't find anything. I'm sure I eventually will, but right now it's a lot of work just to set up a post.

    I hope your new pillow works for you. Comfort at night is a really good thing.

    Have a terrific day honey. We are off to the boat for the weekend this afternoon. Didn't get to go last weekend and I sure missed it. Big hugs my friend. :)

  7. Your posts are never boring! Have a fun day and enjoy swimming and lunching and everything you do. Hugs!

  8. Hope that the Duck can join you, and that the rain holds off!

    A win is a win. Enjoy:)

    Do let us know if the new 'cool' pillow really stays cool.
    My tempurpedic mattress gets very warm, and I don't like that.

    I'm on the new blogger too. takes a bit of getting used to, you're right.


  9. Dick and I both sleep on contoured pillows...and we take them on a cruise. I actually found 2 small ones at CVS (I think, years ago) and cut down pillow cases to fit. Easy peasy.

    Say HI to the duck. Big hugs, honey...

  10. Good morning Bee. Yesterday I got to play one hole on the golf course and then the horn sounded because there was lightning in the air and a few minutes later the rain torrent came from the sky and continued. We stayed for about 2 hours but then we went home. What really bothered me was later in the afternoon, there suddenly came from that same angry shy was bright sunshine and warm air. That's twice in a row that's what's happened to me. Oh well, that's life. Have a great day my lovely friend.


  11. I got switched a long time ago. Didn't like it at first but it's fine now!
    Have a great Friday.
    Fuzzy hugs

  12. Bee, I try to have my post go with the pictures I post..oh my gosh that gets to be harder and harder.. Please keep us posted on your new pillow though, I have the darnest times with pillows. Too hard or Too soft, or too many or not enough of the darn things. Enjoy your day. You are doing right at cards.:):) xoxo, Susie

  13. While I love my Tempur-pedic mattress, I didn't like the pillow. Instead I have a water pillow that is just about perfect.

  14. I hope you had lunch company... and I hope the new pillow will work. I recently switched pillows. Love my new ones.

  15. I want to get some new pillows...really good ones. Let me know how the new one works out for you.

  16. Have you solved the issue with new blogger? I don't use blogger any more (but I should also get back to my blogger blog, my girls are waiting for the recipes I promised) so I don't know exactly what is going on. For my not-blogger blog I write my posts up in Live-writer and then post it, it seems way eaisier to manage and see what it is going to look like.


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