Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday is MahJong... and other stuff!

Well yesterday we did have a canasta game and the gal with the memory problem was actually pretty good.  I lost about 4 bucks but it was a nice afternoon.  A nice rainy afternoon.  Gosh have we ever had the rain lately.  No pool, way too much rain but today is supposed to be sunny so I shall go after MahJong.  

I lost a small amount at poker last night but it was a really nice game.  Lots of fun.   A  couple of the players are PITAs but most are pretty nice.  I think what I like about them so much is they knew Sarge and he liked them and they liked him and they feel the loss too.  I feel a closeness to people that liked him.  And really anyone that ever knew him liked him.  Gosh I miss that man.  

Steve and Jane come today.  That's a good thing.  A very good thing.  I'm changing the subject in case you didn't notice.  

Guess that's about it for today.  Hope your day is lovely, mine too...


  1. Such a lovely photo today.
    I hope you have a sunny and lovely Wednesday.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Pretty lady; nice bling! I loved Sarge. A lot, and miss him.

    Lotsa hugs to you, my friend...

  3. Buongiorno!!!

    A great, classic photo (you have class!)
    I wish you a funny and active Wednesday...I know that the movement helps you so much!

    Big hugs, honey...please send some clouds to us!!!!!!

  4. You look great, Ms. Bee! We all miss him! Hope that helps a tiny bit :)
    Big hugs from Ohio.

  5. I just have to tell you that you look fantastic! Beautiful picture!

  6. Hope the sun shines for you today Bee. Loving the jewellery, I take it you made it???

  7. I was at the pharmacy and the girl who waited on me said, "I sure miss Fred--his joking and teasing always made my day. He was such a great guy!" Made me smile--then made me sad--then smile again. Whenever anyone talks about Fred, they always end their sentence with, "he was a great guy". Weren't we lucky to be able to be with those "great guys"?

  8. Oh, navy and white! One of my favorite combinations! You look fabulous!

    How could anyone help but love the Sarge? Everyone loved Sarge, including me! He was such a funny, sentimental, sappy and sweet, sweet man. And he did awesome magic tricks! hahahaha!

    Enjoy MahJong, the gals and the pool. big hugs xoxo

  9. Hugs, Bee...and wishes for a sunny day filled with fun things to do.

  10. We all miss Sarge.
    Even tho I only lurked on his blog (and yours) I was determined to come out of the shadows and stop lurking!
    When Sarge said everyone needed a hug I decided to make sure to send you my daily furry hugs.

  11. I miss what's his name also. It seems many people loved Charlie. He was a good man Bee.
    That photo of you is really good. Every time I see you, you seems to get more beautiful.
    The guy for mt grass is here right now and I have to go. See you tomorrow my lovely friend.


  12. Hope tjhat the rain stops in time for you to get a good aqua jog going in the pool!

    Of course you miss him. And you always will He's still a part of your heart and always will be.

    And it makes perfect sense that you'd like to be around people who knew and liked Charlie, there's a connection from that.


  13. You look fabulous. Fabulous I tell you. I have a special post on Saturday. I hope you can see the difference between then and now. Wow.

    All of us that knew Sarge loved him. How could you not love Sarge. I miss him too.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

  14. Look at the beautiful woman in the photo!!!!! Hubba hubba!!!!

    I miss my buddy Sarge, too! He was such a fun and funny guy... heart of gold, and a passion for living. If I know him, he's whooping it up in heaven...

  15. I've heard that you folks have really been getting rain down that way to beat the band this year, such a difference from last year. Maybe Florida is still crying a bit as it misses Sarge too.

    Sending you a hug and as much understanding and encouragement as I can. Sometimes I think it's better that no one loves me as I'll never have to experience the loss that you and my mom have.

  16. Bee you look so beautiful in this picture!!!

    Big Hugs!!


  17. Glad you had some good games. Sounds like a pretty good day, despite the weather.

  18. See, that's why you must keep blogging! Because we ALL loved him and we can be that closeness for you, too.

    Hope you get the pool time!

    Thanks for being an inspiration!


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