Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday ramblings and other stuff...

Well I managed to get the shutters closed in the wind and rain.  I thought it would be easy because we had them replaced two years ago but no, I had a heck of a time.  I did it though.  The feeder bands started Saturday morning.  It would stop raining but the wind was gusty all day.

Remember yesterday I told you the cable box would work until Comcast sent a new signal or the power went out?  The power went out about 10 minutes later.  It doesn't work again.  Oh well, I did get to see the final episode of Burn Notice before that happened.  Boy was it a good one!  Now I have to wait until November when it starts back again.  I didn't think I'd like that show but the duck told me I would and he was right.  

It sure is dark in here with the shutters closed.  I don't mind too much though, it feels cozy if you turn on lights and don't think about what is about to be outside.  We are expecting 40-50 mph winds and rain, well sideways rain.  No pool for me.  Buggers.  I'll just walk around the building.  If I don't I'll get stiff.  I don't expect it to get too bad here at all but I do expect to lose power.  We always do.  And when the power goes out we don't have water because it is pumped up to the condos.  I have flashlights.  Nothing to worry about here.

Have a great Sunday y'all.  If I'm nowhere to be found it's because there is no power.  I will not blow away.  Ha ha ha...


  1. Oh such a day.
    I hope you don't lose power...
    The Square Ones send woofs !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Hurricane Shutters rock! For many years I wished I had them! Looks like Isaac will be a cat 2 by Tuesday evening-Wednesday morning and coming right over me packing an estimated 60 mph winds. Crappity crap crap crap. Looks like I didn't move far enough out of Hurricane Alley.

    Stay safe! big hugs xoxo

  3. Buongiorno!

    Finally we have a little March rain, where we smell only the dust, we hope it goes on, quite slowly, so the contruction of the provisory new school center can be ended!
    I wish you a serene Sunday without weather problems!

    Big hugs!

  4. Gracious good morning! Playing catching up and reading what I have missed. Glad the duck is OK now; buggers to Comcast (still!), but hooray for working shutters. I know you are prepared for no power if necessary. We shall be watching the weather ourselves.

    Big hugs from Mayberrry, honey...

  5. Fill up the bath tub before you lose water pump power. You will need water to flush!

  6. Stay safe miss bee! We rarely lose power on my street. My parents live in the south part of your county and lose power a lot.

  7. Bee,Praying for Florida. I hate losing power.I would not have been a good pioneer.LOL
    Save some drinking water in the fridge. Washing and flushing water in the tub. Just stay safe, xo, Susie

  8. Here's hoping that storm moves out of your area very soon and the sunshine returns. I know you're a pro at these things. I'll worry anyway, but I know you are prepared.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  9. Stay safe Miss Bee!

  10. Please don't get blown away!!!!
    I am back ... tried to keep up with you while I was gone. I will read back and see what you have been up to ... y'all.

  11. Stay safe, Ms. Bee! Thinking of you and Florida.
    My favorite of late is Rizollo and Isles. Love them 2 girls :)
    Big hugs from Ohio,

  12. Been thinking of you as Isaac approaches. I do hope you don't get blown away!

    But maybe you would be like Dorothy and find the Yellow Brick Road and the Emerald City. That would be fun!

    I hope you don't lose power! Stay safely shuttered in.

  13. Good morning my wonderful, lovely, beautiful friend. Oops, it's afternoon.
    I hope that you are prepared for that wild wind and rain. Around here we've had two days of 90 degree weather. I still have that cold but it's not as bad as it was yesterday.
    You know Bee, you and my wife's attitude in life are just about the same. Thank you for you and her. Today my thoughts are positive and ready to go. Have a good day even though it might be bad in weather but positive in heart. Ciao my fantastic friend.


  14. I hope Isaac makes a quick exit. Sorry about your continued Comcast woes.

  15. I like those shutters! What a great idea!

  16. Yikes! I've never been in a situate like that. When I was a kid whenever we had wild weather we'd pile into the car to check it out! One friend has had to evacuate her home and I know it has to be scary! good luck with everything...

  17. Sorry for the trouble.

    I work for Comcast. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations


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