Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newsy Saturday...

Well the duck called and he couldn't go to lunch because of some plumbing problem at the Fern House so that was okay, I went to the pool for an extra long time.  Then I ate a sandwich and headed for the fruit stand where I bought 4 big bags of good healthy stuff to have on hand.

Next up was a trip to Publix (where shopping is a pleasure - so they say) where I walked the whole store looking for good things to get.  I love these big olives but didn't buy them as I had the small ones at home open already.  But they are so much fun to pop into your mouth!  Love them!

Dr. Wacks called me early in the morning to come in for my flu shot.  He said over 65 needs the super flu shot and needs it now as it looks like a lot of stuff out there this year.  He also said to tell the duck that the under 65 shots will be ready in September and he should get one for sure.  So for my over 65 friends, please take notice.

By the time I got home and got all my groceries upstairs and put away, all the fruit scrubbed, my clothes changed and my jammies on (Hey!  It was almost 3:00!) I was so exhausted I couldn't do another thing until I rested.

Publix didn't have the chicken breasts that I usually buy but I did find some organic (?) ones so I got them and some sweet potatoes to bake and a big head of cauliflower to cook and mash (!) I'll let you know how I like that and the recipe if I like it.  Basically you just steam the whole thing and mash it, add a bit of salt and pepper and some butter (I use Smart Balance, I really like that) and you're good to go.  Very low calorie if you don't do much butter and supposed to be very good.  We'll see.  I'll form no opinion without giving it a fair shot.

So today I have canasta again so I can't get into the pool until around 5:00 but that's okay, it's warm and usually no one else is there then (unless those French Canadians go).  Anyway it'll be fine unless we get a late afternoon storm in which case I'll just have to walk.

So that was my day in a nutshell, how was yours?  

Update:  The cauliflower mash was just delicious but in no way was it anything at all like mashed potatoes.  It was a delicious side dish though and only 25 calories for one cup plus whatever you add to it.  I would definitely do this again.  If you like cheese on a vegetable (which I don't) that would also be a good add on.  And I have enough left for two more servings.  Large servings!


  1. I love steamed cauliflower with just a bit of butter, and cheese on cardboard is good! I can't handle low fat cheese, and I'm the type of cheese lover who can just take a chunk of cheese and eat it all by itself. Making enchiladas - if it calls for 11/2 C of cheese I figure two C is better. It's no wonder I'm climbing back up the scales. It's getting to the point where I don't care anymore. Well, I did a few days ago, now I'm not too sure.
    Hope you had fun at cards.

  2. I have cauliflower quite a lot! I usually steam it as part of the California Triplets; broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. I can't imagine mashing it though. hmmm... Just a smidge of pepper for me usually. I also love it cold with some low-fat ranch dip. OMG.

    I absolutely never do any type margarine. Ack. I have butter or do without. It's one of those things I am completely inflexible about. But that's just me. I know my sisters all like margarine and Janice especially loves to use Brummel and Brown. After she just about nagged me to death, I finally tried it.

    And threw it out. Bless my heart.

    Have an absolutely fantabulous day today! big hugs xoxo

  3. Buongiorno!

    Your plans are fine!
    It's Saturday, I hoped it were cloudy and rainy...elas, sunny and hot again!
    Our 50. anniversary at home, perhaps a dinner out, G. and I...feast in September, we hope!

    Have fun!

    Big hugs, honey!

  4. Shame the Duck couldn't make lunch but you made good use of the time. I love cauliflower, not tried it mashed but I have made a cauliflower and lentil curry and it's delicious!

  5. While we did not shop Publix regularly, when we did go I liked it. Sometimes it was the only place I could find a certain item or two! I have never gotten a flu shot but then I really only get a cold maybe once a year. I know many people who have tried the mashed cauliflower and said what you stated too. I've not tried it and I hate mashed taters anyways, so I most likely will not try it. have a wonderful day Bee, Hugs!!

  6. Sorry you didn't get to have lunch with the Duck. You just can't overlook plumbing problems though.

    I love cauliflower and would love it just the way you fixed it. Awesome.

    I just reminded hubby that we need to get our flu shots. He's 65 this year and I'll be 61 next month.

    We're on the boat and had a nice evening. Today we venture to Encinal YC for lunch with another couple.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  7. If you like cauliflower, then the mash sounds like you have a new good side dish to make. It's good to have the 2 extra servings left that you can just take out of the fridge to reheat this week!

    How hot do they keep your pool? I've always thought 84 degrees sounded ideal.


  8. I can't wait to get my hands on a hand mixer so I can try these recipes that require them. I could do it by hand, but that's just silly. ;)

    I think I'd be tired as well from all that. Being in the pool makes me sleepy so I'd probably be in bed just as early!

    Oh and organic chicken is chicken that is only fed natural foods and is NOT injected with any hormones...which many non organic chickens are (to make them much larger). If you can afford organic meats it's probably a good thing in the long run.

  9. Mashed cauliflower is very good.

    I've been reading, The Great Influenza (Spanish Flu of 1918), again. It's my second time, though this version is an audiobook. It's a gripping account about the dawn of modern medicine, the scientific process and the hunt for a "cure" for influenza. Nearly 100 years later, that hunt is still on. Interestingly, it was mostly young, healthy people who suffered the most from the flu of 1918. They were OK one minute, sick the next and dead 12 hours later. It was their own vigorous immune systems that overwhelmed them physically when they contracted the flu. Viruses are clever bugs, but not so clever when they kill their hosts as fast as they did in 1918.

    Go get your super flu shot. I'll get mine next month. For me it's a condition of employment, but I'd get it even if it weren't because the flu is still deadly.

  10. Happy Saturday
    Fuzzy hugs

  11. Good afternoon Bee. Hope you aren't in your jammies? Since the Duck wasn't able to take you for luch, you should have called me and I would've taken you. Oops, I keep forgetting that I'm only a 1000 miles away
    Your doctor is so good calling you to make sure to get your shot. When I go to ask my doctor it never seems that they have any shots and I have to wait a little longer.
    The olives that I enjoy are the big ones that have the garlic piece inside the olive. Yummy!
    Tomorrow I have a great deal of things going on. I'm having the deck stairs completed and later in the afternoon we are a having a BBQ with my friends in Papa New Guinea. They're be here until Monday and they go back to the jungle until January. My friend Al then begins his retirement.
    Well that's it for now my beautiful friend.


  12. I've been getting flu shots for years now but ask your dr. Wacks about the shigles vaccine. I had one, it's good for life. I saw my late mother suffer and she never really recovered. It wasn't covered and cost $200 but I consider it money well spent...ciao


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