Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday in paradise...

Get it?  Bump ahead?  That's all I'm hoping this storm is going to be here.  Right now it looks like we may only get some wind and rain.  Of course that can change as we all know but let's hope.  I am sorry for whoever gets it though and hope it won't be a bad one.

Today I am taking the duck back to the surgeon as his incision has some sort of problem and Dr. Wacks told him to go and let him look at it.  I haven't seen it yet so I have no idea what is going on but we shall take care of it for sure.

Yesterday when I got home from canasta it wasn't storming for a change so I got my pool time done and it sure felt good.  I guess once you start really working muscles they like to keep working and not slob out any more.  Is that what happens?  And there was not a soul around, I had it all to myself.  All the sudden I realized I was singing Jingle Bells.  Don't ask me why.  Too much fish oil perhaps?  Old lady dementia perhaps?  Nuts perhaps?  But enjoying every day I have.

This evening Comcast is coming back again.  I have had two calls from managers now and they tell me they will stay until it is fixed.  I sure hope so.  That would make me very happy.

Here's hoping your Friday is totally tits.  I know mine will be...


  1. Do you still have your Etsy space and are you still beading? Have a good day...ciao

  2. Buongiorno!

    We hope the storm there is not bad...
    We are still awaiting some rain...
    Jingle Bells...perhaps you sure felt so well there, in the water, alone...enjoy every moment on open air!
    I hope that dr Wacks can help Duck!

    Have a serene Friday!

    Big hugs!

  3. Oh, the weather outside is frightful... hahaha!

    I do hope they get you sorted so you can watch your on demand again. That would be lovely. And hoping Chucks issue is a non-issue for sure.

    big hugs xoxo

  4. Hope the Duck's visit to the surgeon goes well. You're right about muscles - once you start working on them they don't like it if you stop. Keep up the good work Bee. x

  5. Good luck with the hurricane. Maybe it will miss your area. When I lived in Florida, I always wanted to move away when the hurricane season arrived.

  6. Hopefully the storm will pass mildly. My Friday involves another adventure begins

  7. If the comcast guy is going to "stay until it is fixed" and the problem is something about the wiring in the walls--maybe you better get the guest room ready? He may be there a while, LOL.

  8. Hope duckie is alright! Enjoy your pool day :)
    Isaac, Isaac - go away!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  9. I know why you were singing Jingle Bells because right after Christmas is the Bloggers Cruise and you will be seeing me. Ha,ha,ha.
    After seeing the TV last night, the hurricane seems to be moving towards to Tampa.
    I'm sorry to hear that Chuck is having some problems with his incision. I hope it can be easily attended to.
    Today Mary Lou has a doctor's appointment and after that we have to prepare for a garage sale tomorrow. See you my lovely friend Bee.


  10. Haha, barricade your door once they are inside so they cannot leave!

  11. Hope the hurricane misses you. We are getting torrential rain again so have given up on hoping for summer to arrive this year. Even the heatwave we were forecast never reached us, we had fog instead.
    Hope everything goes well for Chuck.

  12. Uh-OH, does this mean you may have overnight guests? Hope it's just a short visit and they get it done right.

    Saying a little prayer for Chuck. Hope it's nothing serious.

  13. I'm hoping the storm doesn't hit you either.

    Jingle Bells is a good song to sing. Why not? If it made you happy then good for you.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from chilly California. :)

  14. Bee, You might ask the comcast guy what he'd like for breakfast if he is staying till it's fixed :):) just kidding.I am praying for Florida to not be in the path of anything bad. I laugh about your singing jingle bells. Sometimes I do that too. LOL It's only 4 months till Christmas you know:):)WOW !! Good luck to the Duck.xo, Susie

  15. I hope that the comcast people fix it. When I had my issue, managers came and they were not leaving until it was fixed and amazingly it was fixed in under an hour!

    Hope Chuck the duck feels better.

  16. It's fine with me if you sing Jingle Bells at any time of the year! Glad you got your pool time and hope you can do so again today. And especially hope Chuck is better very soon. Hugs!

  17. I am sorry to learn that you are still having problems. I have reached out to my local contacts again to make sure this is resolved for you.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  18. What did the doctor say about the incision after he saw it? It's been a while, so was it infected? Or did it not close properly? Poor Duck.

    Jingle Bells
    Santa Smells
    Easter's on its way
    Oh what fun it is to ride
    In a four door chevrolwet,

  19. I hope the storm skirts you and stays on the minor side of things. What a mess that must be with the convention.


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