Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday stuff and other stuff...

Today is the day the duck is having his surgery so I will take him and bring him home later today.  It's outpatient and I expect him to be fine and dandy.  He's in good shape now so that will help a lot.

Yesterday I had to stick around and wait for ATT repair (yet again) because now my phone has a loud buzz on it.  Luckily for me he was early so I got to go to the pool and do my 30 minute workout.  It felt wonderful.  It was nice on the ship but so many people you couldn't do much but here I am the only one in the pool so I can do as I please.  And I did!  

Not that my phone is fixed because it's not.  They charged me $99 to come out and not fix it and tell me to go buy a new splitter which I did and it still does not work, now they have to come out again.  

I have a dry hacky cough (like asthma) ever since being in the smokey casino.  I'm not going there again.  It's not worth it to get sick breathing other people's disgusting smoke.  Never mind that I lost my money too.  Well at least I kept the $75 I won on the two penny machine.  I got that in cash. 

There is no poker tonight because so many people are gone for the holiday.  

Gosh I just re-read this and it sounds like a blathering bitch wrote it.  Sorry.  I'll try to lighten up a bit.  I think I'm just over tired and cranky.  Do yourself a big favor and go read a different blog today.  This one is krap.

Hope your day is tits and that mine gets a bit better!


  1. bummer dude about coughing! i'm the same way.

    we went to a casino when we were in wisconsin. lost $60, bleh. i played penny slots too-- i wasn't ahead even ONCE, otherwise i would have stopped!

    it's my own fault, no one made me put those twenties in the machine...

  2. You can say what ever you want...

    Of course the phone repair man couldn't fix what was wrong and if it was the splitter he should have had one and fixed your phone.
    I have to wait for the washing machine repair man tomorrow, what do you want to bet he can't fix it ether.
    When my air condition man came out to service my two new conditioners, I have a contract with them, do you think they would give me a new filter when I just paid a bundle to them for two new units ?
    Sorry about the coughing, I have to be super careful where I go too.

    The Square Ones say Woof !
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Blather away! It's good for you.
    $99 for a service call? Yikes!!! That's who we're with. It's one thing if they can fix it, but if not, it's highway robbery.
    Have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. LOL...I agree....Blather on!!! At and T....don't even get me started. Sorry about the cough...hope it subsides sooner than later. Enjoy your day!!

  5. how about just using your iPhone for calls and keeping the landline for 911 only. Then you won't care if it buzzes and won't have to deal with att anymore.

    Hope Chuck is okay.

  6. Oh, you're hysterical! I just read your post to Linda. Thanks for starting our day off with a good laugh!

    big hugs xoxo

  7. What is going on with Chuck, you never tell me anything.... I told you ATT would make you mad. My comcast service is fine. anyway, call me and let me know what this surgery stuff is about, ok?

  8. I think your blathering is some of the funniest out there so please don't stop! Barb and I both had a good laugh with your post this morning!

  9. I've been doing my own share of bitching lately, so it's nice to read someone else for a change. ;)

    I hate ATT. If it wasn't for the fact they are the only cell phone carrier in town, I would have gotten away from them ages ago.

  10. They allow smoking in the casino?????

  11. You have inspired me to think a lot lately about my life and where I need to steer myself. You have lost your loved one and yet you just keep on living a good life--no matter what. Taking care of yourself and having fun in life. I so admire that. Too many woman put on the sackcloth, built the shrine and live the rest of their days in mourning--like that proves their love or something. Thank you Ms. Bee--I am starting a new life today!!!!!

  12. Purrs for the Duck!
    Sending you our daily furry hug

  13. See what an inspiration you are to judemiller1...and to lots of other folks, so blather on, my dear. We love ya and want to hear whatever is on your mind or heart. Period. Duck surgery? Oh dear. Praying for a good outcome.

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. Hugs for Chuck. Praying all goes well for him.
    I understand the cough thing... I'm in the same mood, so you can skip mine.

  15. AT&T should be ashamed of themselves. Just saying.

    Zane and I came home from our cruise to Hawaii sicker than dogs and it took over a month for us to get better. Whatever that ship crud is is just awful. Never again.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  16. It is a shame that you can't enjoy the casino because of the smoke. I can't even go in a ship's casino for the same reason. On the Dream I hated walking through it to get other places. I was unhappy because the only place to watch sports on the Dream was in the casino, poor planning.

  17. You go ahead and vent, blather, or whatever...and I hope that cough goes away pronto. Yay for pool time by yourself. Wish I could do that. It's bound to help you feel better. But phooey on the phone guys for not fixing your phone! Hope all goes smoothly for the Duck. Hugs!

  18. Ciao Bee!

    I hope that all ran well, Duck is ok, that you have rested and the problems are away!

    I write very early in the morning, I don't like the heat, and I've to go to the grandchildren!

    Have a better Wednesday!
    Hugs, honey!


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