Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday is poker! and other stuff...

Well first things first.  My Comcast cable on demand is still not working and now they are coming back on Wednesday evening.  However I got another very nice message from that nice Comcast guy, let's see if he can help this time!  Here is what he said:

I don't mean to intrude, but I just wanted to apologize for the trouble with your Comcast service. I also wanted to let you know that I work for Comcast and would like to offer my help. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in my help.
Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations
Intrude?  No, not at all.  Help would be lovely as I am frustrated beyond belief with the whole thing.  Anyway I'll let you know how things progress.

And just for the heck of it I googled Mark Casem and it seems he is a real person, not some computer responding to posts about his company.  Interesting.

Next and more importantly was my doctor visit with Dr. Wacks.  To say he was thrilled with my progress is an understatement.  My blood work was all perfect, nothing at all wrong.  Nothing hurts, no problems of any sort.  I go back in another three months.  He would like me to lose another 40 pounds but we'll have to see about that.  I bought size medium pants last week and they fit.  My size large pants are now too big.  

It rained yesterday morning but I was able to swim when I got home in the afternoon.  Oh, and my new passport came yesterday too, finally.  I wasn't in a hurry though so it didn't matter when it got here.

All in all it was a pretty danged good day.  Today will be too, I have canasta and poker!  Hope your day is as good as mine!


  1. I suggest you test that new passport out... on a cruise of course! Make sure it works and all. :)

    40 more pounds? From where? You look great, and are feeling great. That's what matters. So very proud of you!

  2. Bee, You are amazing. Wearing mediums pants now ...wow. I think you are an example of hard work for the rest of us. Your health report sounds great. Now, go kick butt at your card games. :):) xo, Susie

  3. YAY you for an awesome doctor's report. Did he take you off any meds since your blood work was all great?

    I have an silly idea. How about they abandon trying to "fix" your cable and start fresh with a new installation? Like you were a brand new customer with no service. What about that?

    My passport is good for another 7 years... fat lot of good that's doing me right now. Bugger.

    Have an absolutely lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  4. Seems this Mark guy is hooked up to receive any blogs that talk about problems with Comcast--then he responds to the blogs. I hope he can helps--appears he is legit.

  5. Buongiorno!

    It's a great response: you won your progressing results with tenacity and intelligence!
    I'm so proud of you!
    I hope you get progress with your cable on demande!
    Your Tuesday sure is positive!!!

    Big hugs, honey!

  6. I'm so amazed and inspired by your health journey! Keep up the good work

  7. Sounds like a great day, and you are indeed an inspiration! Hope today is just as good. Enjoy!

  8. Way to go on your doctors report. I'm not surprised one bit. Not one bit. You'll lose some more too and then those medium pants will be too big. Lovely.

    Comcast will get it together at some point. And yes you could use all the help you can get.

    Have a terrific day and win at poker tonight too. That would be tits. Big hugs. :)

  9. So pleased that all your results came back good Bee. 40lbs more? From where???? If you can get in medium pants that's great I think.

    Hope you get the cable issues sorted. How nice of that Comcast employee to offer his help.

  10. Doing the happy dance for you, well, except for that comcast stuff. That's the pits! Good luck with poker.

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. Great news from the doctor.

    But I truly dislike Comcast. They charge a fortune and provide miserable service and -- if I could get my White Sox games and my other sports some other way -- I'd cut out Comcast in a minute.

    Of course, in Chicago, the White Sox games are carried on Comcast SportsNet Chicago. So I'm just going to have to learn to live with my frustration for the foreseeable future.

  12. now that you have your passport yu need to go on another cruise! :-D
    Enjoy today!

  13. I wish LG would take the same interest Comcast seems to do. Life is definitely NOT GOOD with an LG appliance frequently going on the fritz.

    Glad your check up was good!

  14. So glad your doctor's appointment went so well. And size medium pants? Congratulations!

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  16. I LOVE medium!!!!!
    Those ants ... are ants. Termite season is in the spring. I was scammed a little ... but that's another discussion.
    What? That last submission has nothing to do with your post? Sorry readers!
    You are my inspiration AB.
    I miss you!
    (and I deleted the last comment ... sorry ... it was a student's blog address!)

  17. Great news on all fronts! Love it! Keep going strong :)
    Hugs from Ohio,


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