Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Well here I go again, telling you why this day makes me sad.  Sarge and I always had a big celebration with lots of people and great food and we'd read the Declaration of Independence going around the circle so everyone had a part.  We had so many flags out I have no idea how many there were.  Now I don't do anything.  I am going to the club with a group of other widows whom I love and they are wonderful to me.  But it's not the same.  I shall NOT sit in the corner and eat worms though.  I shall have a good time and laugh.

I am still having asthma.  I was even too sick to get in the pool yesterday.  AT&T finally came back and I think the phone is fixed now.  It seems okay anyway.

Sorry but I can't keep my eyes open any more.  Must sleep now.  Have a great day y'all.


  1. Bee, you have the best 4th of July you can.
    Just remember how many wonderful 4th of July you had with Sarge and your family, good memories ! and now you have time to make new memories.

    I have an open letter ready to post tomorrow to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama but I am not sure if I will post it... maybe the 5th. But the 4th does seen a perfect day for a protest letter

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Buongiorno!

    I hope your Indipendence Day is not too sad, life gives us light and shadows, we have to accept what happens!

    My thoughts for you and Duck!

    Big hugs, honey!

  3. My very best wishes to you on Independence Day Bee. I'm sure Sarge would want you to have a good time, he'll be with you. xx

  4. I agree, have the best day you can. Glad you can go to the club with the girls. It has been several years since I got my 4th of July decorations out, since none of the kids were home on the 4th and it seemed like a lot of trouble to go to just for me. But this year, Melissa and Eva are visiting so I dug them out -and they make me smile! I think I need to do them even if it is just for me! Another year you will put the flags out and make new memrories. This year, concentrate on feeling better and call one of your nice doctors tomorrow if you don't. Hugs!

  5. I hope your day isn't too sad. It's rainy here in Salem but we've got some plans that rain won't bother. Hopefully the weather will clear before the fireworks. Big hugs xoxo

  6. You know Sarge wants you to put on your smile and have a good time and make new memories. It will be hard, but you can do it. Stay strong and feel better.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. I hope you can still enjoy yourself, Bee. Those are wonderful memories :)
    Feel better soon!
    Big hugs from sizzling Ohio,

  8. So just how many points are worms? Do they count as a protein? ;-)

    Even though it's a day that makes you sad, it sounds like you've got some great plans that will get you out and take your mind off of things just a little bit but I know you'll still be missing Sarge every step of the way.

    Hope you start feeling better soon and the asthma gets under control.

  9. We will come over and sit in your lap and purr
    Sending you our daily fuzzy hug

  10. Hugs! I am glad you have something that you are doing today :) The day was just okay here. No fireworks which I found depressing, yet again as they did not have them last year either.

  11. Try to have a good holiday despite the sad memories.

  12. Knowing you since 2007 I know what a big deal the 4th was to you and Sarge. I thought about that a few days ago. Big healing hugs for that.

    I hope you feel better soon. Love you to pieces. :)

  13. I always think of you and Sarge on the Fourth of July! I love your childhood memories of the holiday that you shared a few years back.

    Sorry you're feeling sad. Don't eat any worms!

    I hope the asthma gets better soon. That sounds awful.

    Thinking of you on this special day.

    Love and hugs,


  14. Enjoy your day as best you can. Maybe next year you should plan a cruise over the 4th for something different.

    Are you sure it's asthma and not a viral infection? Just in case...drink lots of fluids.

  15. Big Hugs for you Bee. I realized how hard it must be for you today, when I realized I was so going to miss a post from Sarge today. I hope you enjoyed your time with the girls and that they lifted your spirits.

  16. Happy Independence Day my wonderful American friend. I would always enjoy getting into Charlie's blog on this day. I just loved his red, white and blue tie. He was a great patriot. Now you Bee. You must continue your love for the 4th of July. Charlie will always be there in spirit. Even as I write this comment, the thoughts of him make me feel so good especially the same ways I always feel about you knowing that you are my friend. You and him always make me feel wonderful. Now my lovely friend, enjoy your evening and we'll see each other tomorrow. See you Bee.


  17. I thought much about Sarge yesterday. I miss him so very much. I know your life is harder without him but I long to be where he is. We shall all gather at the river some day


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