Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is my day off!

This was a few days ago, it was sunny and stormy at the same time.  But beautiful either way.  

Yesterday Oblamer Obama arrived in West Palm Beach.   I sure missed Sarge's commentary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was with him of course, another of Sarge's favorites (choke).  He went to Century Village for a speech.  In case you don't know, Century Village is a very large complex of mostly retired people.  Mostly retired democrats.  He's certainly preaching to the choir there.

Today shall find me swimming and having lunch with the duck and then a trip to the fruit stand to see what's new and delicious there.  I already ate the watermelon, the tomatoes, the nectarines and peaches, and the bananas.  I am officially out of fruit.  

That reminds me, I used to always buy Jiff low fat peanut butter.  (It reminded me because I put 1 teaspoon of peanut butter down the side of my banana.  And I think my fish oil kicked in too.)  

Anyway I heard on Dr. Oz (why I watch that I have no idea, if you took all the stuff he tells you to take you'd take 400 pills a day) that the low fat peanut butter was not as good for you as the regular and the calories are exactly the same, 190 for two tablespoons.  

So when I went to the Walmart last week I bought their brand of natural peanut butter and I want to tell you it's absolutely the best peanut butter I have ever tasted.  And it's so creamy I can keep it in the refrigerator so it doesn't get rancid before I use it up.  Sarge was a big peanut butter guy but now with just me I use it very slowly.  Anyway it will still spread nicely straight from the refrigerator.  Tits.

And so my friends, that's about all I know today.  Hope your day is lovely, I know mine will be!


  1. Saw Sarah Palin this past Saturday, she is a total rock star!

  2. Beautiful photo today.
    It sounds like for a day off you will be very busy !

    I don't shop at walmart so I don't know about their peanut butter but I too just spent several minutes at the market checking out the labels of different brands of peanut butter and I agree the regular/lowfat is about the same.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. a lot of the low-fat stuff just means there's extra chemicals in it, or they took the good stuff out. better to get the regular-fat versions so you know it's real! that's what i think anyway. :]

  4. Buongiorno!
    I like the dramatic image, blue sky and white clouds!!!
    I don't use butter at any meal, nor on bread, I use normal butter in the cakes only!
    I wish you an amazing Friday off!

    Big hugs!!!

  5. I'll try Walmart's Natural peanut butter! I use to buy it at Publix but you know how far away the current Publix is from me... and my mother buys Jif. SO not my favorite.

    Lot's of low-fat stuff I just can not do. I can not and will not ever do margarine. It's butter or nothing for me. I will usually do toast or English muffin with raspberry jam or cream cheese. Baked potato is butter. All of those polyunsaturated fats is just a fancy word for plastic. Not to mention it tastes like crap to me.

    You don't suppose Oblamer could actually be reelected? Do you? If he does, will he say he inherited his problems from himself? I can't stomach the idea of him being reelected.

    Have yourself a perfectly marvelous day! big hugs xoxo

  6. Ha,ha,ha. I'm so amazed how the Americans get into their politics. Democrats are bad and on the other side the Republicans are bad. I often wondered is their anyone that is good. In Canada we just love one another. ( If you believe that one I'll sell you a piece of land on the moon )Ha,ha,ha. Charlie and I would would definitely get some kicks if I was to be a Democrat. I really miss him and what he would write in his blog. What a man and you, what a woman.
    Now Bee I'm just so proud of what you are doing doing today. Charlie would be so proud of you. I like the chunky peanut butter myself. I'll have to try the WalMart brand. One thing that you and I are the same same and that is the many different fruits. Rright now I eating some wonderful strawberries.
    Well I'll see later my lovely friend.

    Canadian Paul

  7. Oblamer--great name for him. I'm sure they had a lot of news cameras there so we could see all the "regular" people clapping for him. UGH!!! He actually scares the heck out of me. Four more years of him and our way of life will be defunct! Oh well--that's just my opinion.

  8. All that fruit is definitely good for you Bee!

  9. Speaking of peanut butter.....The Detroit airport concourse has a PB&J counter in the food court. All they sell is PB&J sandwiches and they are delicious. They had many different kinds of peanut butter and lots of jelly flavors. Then they had additions like honey, bananas, etc. All on wonderful bread. This was a nice change from the usual airport food offerings.

  10. I am a peanut butter lover. Will have to try that WM brand. No plastic for me either. Butter only. Period.

    Seeing some blue skies up ahead. Rolling home. Big hugs, honey...

  11. What Barb said about Oblamer.

    Hubby is the big, I mean BIG peanut butter eater. He opens the jar and just eats it out of the jar. Then the next morning he weighs 5 pounds more and he doesn't understand how eating a pound of peanut butter can make you gain five pounds. Bless his heart.

    Love all the fruit you've been eating. Way good for you.

    Have a terrific day off honey. Big hugs. :)

  12. Love peanut butter. Yesterday I had some on toast. If I had banana I'd probably add that, but I didn't buy any.

    I have to say though, very disappointed in all the political commentary today. I hope as the election grows closer, these kind of comments do not become more frequent. It actually hurts to be in the minority and have to read such awful comments about my political party.

  13. I have two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. Every day.

    I used to have PB&J almost every day -- lot cheaper than going out to lunch downtown, I can tell you that -- but, when I got my most of my colon removed and the doctor was fumbling around for things to suggest about how I could start resuming the activities of normal life again asked my wife... "will he eat peanut butter?"

    She busted out laughing.

  14. real PBJ, butter, and mayo here... none of that low-fat franken-food.

    I miss Sarge's political commentary too! Hugs.

  15. Obummer was here yesterday before going on to WPB.
    *gag me*
    What I don't understand is (and I'm apart of this demographic) is why seniors would even listen to this stuff from O. He has no use at all for our age group, all you need to do is read the stuff on the govt websites and you'll see every time one of these guys opens their mouths it's a lie.

    Grabbing the computer away from her.
    Sorry Auntie Bees we don't follow any of that crazy hooman stuff.
    We juss wanna send you our daily fuzzy hugs.
    And we also miss Uncle Sarge's insights as well.


  16. Bee,

    I don't do tons of peanut butter, but I do love it on apples. Very tasty. Another pretty picture today. Have a great weekend.



  17. Hi Bee, I keep peanut butter in the fridge too. Also for the same reason...can't eat it faster than it can spoil. Hope you had a fun day. I have my it's crafting and entertaining for me. xoxo, Susie

  18. Mmm, I love peanut butter but only have it every so often as it is so high in calories but man it is good! I used to eat the Jiffy but now Peter Pan only, decided I like the taste better. Enjoy your day, hugs!!


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