Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Carnival Valor, Day Two

Today is a sea day so I'll show you around the ship a bit. This is more of the marble that I love so much.

This is where the kids play video games.

This is where I go to dream.

And here too.

I hope I figured out how to get these posts on the right blog now. I sure had a mess with the last post going to the old blog. Blog Press is great if you know how to work it and apparantly I don't but I'll keep trying.

I only saw one gal I thought you'd like to see but didn't get a photo fast enough. She had on a lovely summer outfit with a white skirt. And only a thong underpanties underneath. For all aboard to see.

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  1. Those strawberries look heavenly!

  2. I'm not sure I'd want to just stand there and dream, I'm pretty sure I'd want to taste too but then again, I am admittedly weak and have no willpower!

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful time, WISH I WAS THERE

  4. I just had a Hostess cupcake. Pathetic...
    Happy sails to you!

  5. Window shopping is Fat Free! And not nearly as satisfying, is it? Now I do have a sweet tooth for some stuff, but I'm more about the meal. What's for supper?! :)

    Thanks for not grabbing the thong shot. I'm pretty sure my eyes thank you! hahaha!

    WIWT. Big hugs xoxo

  6. I think she was in our local pub last week!!!! :0

  7. Love the patriotic design of the Carnival Valor - and your viewing choices.



  8. I love the Valor. Such a beautiful ship, although not thong-free! WIWT!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. My first ship! And favorite I think ;) If you are on the Western leg, please say hello to St. Thomas for me! Wish I could be there!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  10. I'm definitely dreaming of cake right now.

  11. Wonderful Bee but I'd like to see that thong. Ha,ha,ha. See you my lovely friend.

    Caribbean Paul

  12. I had to laugh at Amazing Gracie with the Hostess cupcake remark. Pathetic indeed.

    Some people don't pay attention when they dress and some do this very thing on purpose. Just saying.

    Enjoy your cruise honey as I know you will. Big hugs. :)

  13. Ciao!!!

    Iìd dream too, it's a temptation!

    Have a lovely cruising Day||

    Big hugs!!!

  14. It's like being on board with you... only I don't have to worry about dramamine or hurricanes or anything....


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