Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Carnival Valor Day four, Antigua, part deux

This is Devil's Bridge. It was really really bumpy roads to get to it. Stress really bumpy roads...

Not my favorite stop, my first time here and I don't think I'd get off the ship if I come here again.

My little two penny machine finally betrayed me so I went here and did pretty good. But I still think slots are boring. Also I left while I was thirty bucks ahead. Maybe.

Then some lunch onboard and into the adults only pool for my exercises. The water feels wonderful. I don't know why I never swam on the ship before this cruise. Well I do, my weight, but from what I saw in bathing suits I had nothing at all to fear.

Next up: a nap, dinner, and show. Then MAYBE the casino. We'll see. Have a lovely day y'all. I know I will...

Empress Bee

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  1. We had a stop in Antigua last November and I got badly stung by a jellyfish. It took 2 months for the marks on my arms and chest to go. If I get cold (which is quite often in England)the marks on one arm are visible again. Good luck in the casino. I like to play 3 card, or Texas if it is a tournament.

  2. Bee, Sounds like you are enjoying your cruise. Nice to have a pool for us big kids :):) xoxo, Susie

  3. I'm so sorry your visit to Antigua was not enjoyable. The island is very beautiful and has a rich history. We have been there twice and I would certainly go again...but I understand you point of view. Enjoy your nap.

  4. Well there you go. You have your favorite islands and this isn't one of them. That's the way it goes. I does look like you're having a terrific time though. Good for you for exercising while on your cruise. We did that too. It really helped.

    Have a fantastic day. Hugs. :)

  5. glad you are having a good time. here nothing new, it raining.... still

  6. Fat or not, it didn't stop me from swimming. I'm so glad you're having fun! Someone told me once that on the first few days the machines pay well, and on the last few they take more of your money. I don't know if it's true, but it always seems so.

  7. seems like your having a pretty good time of it, pot or not. Love you

  8. Nice to see you're having fun.

  9. Ciao Bee!

    You have enough fun at your cruise, a little delusion about the isle is not so bad!
    Enjoy all other things!

    Big hugs!

  10. We did a bus tour of Antigua when we were there and found it really interesting. Shame you didn't enjoy it. You sound to be having lots of fun on board. :)

  11. Well you will be going to Antigua again in January on the Bloggers Cruise. Is there a dock so that you can go to town and buy things?
    I'm so glad that you are enjoying the pool. I just never felt strongest enough to go to the pool on the ship. Continue to have fun Bee.

    Caribbean Paul

  12. Good to know MM and I get to go there in January:) We've never been, so we'll check it out. Keep reporting!

    Big hugs, honey...


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